Member Advocacy Program

Welcome to The Voice of Payments™, ETA’s Political Engagement Program designed to inform and involve ETA members, citizens, media, legislators, and regulators on public policy and its importance to the survival, advancement, and success of the world-class electronic payments community. As you know, ETA is the leading source of credible industry information for government officials making legislative and regulatory decisions impacting our industry.

Learn about current federal and state policy issues, understand the importance of grassroots advocacy, find out how policy decisions are made and, when there is a call to action, Make Your Voice Heard on issues that are critical to the electronic payments industry. YOU are the voice in The Voice of Payments.

Jason Oxman
CEO, Electronic Transactions Association


Knowing who your elected representatives are is a critical piece to participating in our democracy.

Click here to enter your information to see who represents you at the State and Federal level.

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