Thank you for your interest in ETAPAC, the political action committee of the payments industry. ETAPAC is an important tool that will allow ETA to more effectively represent your interests in Washington, DC. ETA is working hard on your behalf to explain to the US Congress why the payments industry is vital to the continued economic growth of the United States.


Please click here to sign the permission form that allows us to give you information about ETAPAC. Once permission is granted, you will receive e-mail instructions on how to login to the ETAPAC website. Additionally, ETA staff will contact you to obtain a list of eligible employees that may be contacted with information about ETAPAC.


If you already have permission please go to the login below. If not, please click here to give ETA authorization to contact you with information about ETAPAC.


For more information, please contact Scott Talbott, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at or Grant Carlson, Government Affairs Specialist at

ETAPAC MEMBER LOGIN (for those who already have permission)

For those who are eligible to be ETAPAC contributors, we have provided a dedicated website that includes information about the PAC and links to an online contribution page.

Click here to login with your company e-mail address.

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