Payments Pitch-Off



    ETA is looking for the next generation of payments innovators! We want to identify the most exciting and effective startups in the industry today and support them as they take their business to the next level. If this describes your company, then it’s your chance to take advantage of everything ETA has to offer!

    Based on your answers to the questions below, you could be one of 15 companies selected to compete in the ETA Payments Pitch-Off at TRANSACT in Las Vegas. Participation in the pitch-off includes dedicated space on the TRANSACT show floor and access to conference events, including sessions and keynotes. The pitch-off will provide competitors with unparalleled access to leading payments executives at the annual gathering of the industry – TRANSACT.

    ROUND 1

    A panel of venture capitalists will tour the show floor to view the competitors’ products, listen to their pitch, and ask questions. Product demos and audio-visual aids are strongly encouraged. Based on these visits, the panel will select five (5) companies to compete in the final round of the pitch-off.

    ROUND 2

    The finalists will pitch a panel of senior payments company executives on the Payments Pitch-Off Theater stage. The winner of the final round will receive $30,000.


    VP, Strategic Partnerships



To be eligible for the pitch-off, your company must meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. $5 million or less in annual revenue
  2. Less than $15 million in funding
  3. Fewer than 50 employees
  4. Not a subsidiary of or otherwise jointly owned by a larger organization (please provide details about your ownership structure as indicated below, and we will follow up with you if we need further clarification)


The payments industry is changing rapidly, and ETA wants to support the next generation of payments companies as they make their way to market. We are looking for innovation and viability in software solutions and products.

We are looking for an innovative payment product – one that solves a new challenge or takes a new approach to an existing challenge. You don’t need to disrupt the entire payments industry – in fact, we’re looking for evidence that you know where your product fits into the current ecosystem and how your company will interact with other industry players.

We’re interested in both consumer- and merchant-facing solutions that leverage software in a new and interesting way. Whether you’re improving the consumer experience or creating new opportunities for merchants, you’re creating value and driving commerce, and we want to hear from you!

As you complete your application, think about the problems that your customers face and how you solve them. For instance:

  1. Merchants want to focus on improving their customers’ experience, but instead they spend time worrying about compliance, security, or software glitches.
  2. Consumers want to get in and out of a store as fast as possible, but instead they have to track down a sales associate to find what they’re looking for, and then they have to stand in line to check out.
  3. Merchants want to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about their business, but they don’t always have the information they need.
  4. Consumers would rather pay electronically, but minimum transaction amounts force them to carry around petty cash or buy more than they want.

The best applications will identify a clear problem or roadblock that gets in the way of commerce, and clearly show us how their product solves it.