First time ETA CPP attendees, enjoy more than 60% off the FULL registration rate. Limited time offer, $450 for the full conference. To register, contact Brenynn Butler at TRANSACTreg@conferencemanagers.com and use subject: ETA CPP.

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    1. Your headshot, title and company info in the walk-in slideshow
    2. Recognized from the TRANSACT 16 stage by ETA CEO Jason Oxman
    3. Receive up to 12 ETA CPP continuing education credits — that’s 1/3 of the credits needed to fulfill your 3 year recertification requirement, all at ONE conference
    4. A special ETA CPP networking reception in your honor
    5. Included in your conference registration: 2 evening receptions on the show floor, as well as lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday
    6. Looking to save on your hotel? ETA has secured a special rate of $70, plus $18 per night resort fee at the Luxor. This rate will available via the TRANSACT 16 website by mid-December for registered attendees.

    You have to be at TRANSACT 16: THE event in payments — THE event for ETA CPPs!

  • “I was excited to see this (email) promotion! It’s an incredible opportunity for new attendees who are also ETA CPPs to attend our industry’s premier conference and event!”
    — M. Scott Price, ETA CPP
    Old Point National Bank