Brian Bates @Pay
Armand DeVigne @Pay
Eric Griego @Pay
Manny Ju Director of Strategic Partnerships @Pay
John Killoran President and CEO @Pay
Rebekah Howerton Social Media Manager @Verifone
Tom Fraser President 1stPayGateway, LLC
William Trainer Regional Account Manager 1stPayGateway, LLC
Andrew Zichek Director of Product Management
Ike Choi CEO 2Tech Consulting Inc.
Antone Biondo CEO 34Commerce / Cinsay
Richard Stewart 34Commerce / Cinsay
Steve Ciabattoni CEO 360 Payment Solutions, Inc.
Lisa Coyle CFO 360 Payment Solutions, Inc.
Rick Ricker Director of Operations 3Delta Systems, Inc.
Tony Sanderson VP, Client Management 3Delta Systems, Inc.
Samuel Jonas 5604LLC
Cecil Broadnax Business Development 5th Dimension Logistics
Aaron Furlong Business Development 5th Dimension Logistics
Ryan Seven CEO 7G Technologies Inc.
Carlos Diaz Electronic Payments-POS/Payments Technology Systems Writer 809News Newspaper
Freddy Diaz Electronic Payments-Business/Banking Writer/Editor 809News Newspaper
Rose-Linh Le Strategy Consultant A Backbone Computing
Steven Morris A Backbone Computing Solution
Tony Braden ABA, LLC
Arie Paller ISO ABP Financial Services
David Munno Accel
Robert Cortopassi SVP and General Manager ACCELERATED Payment Technologies Inc.
Brandon Grant Director of Business Development & Partnerships Accucode Inc.
Jim Plappert CEO ACH Payment Solutions, Inc.
John Innes President ACH Processing Company
Brian Engle Senior Sales Representative, Retail Payment Solutions ACI Worldwide
Scott Fitzgerald ACI Worldwide
Peter Georgopulos 1st Vice President ACI Worldwide
Fred Gumbel Executive Vice President ACI Worldwide
Mike Harmdierks Principal Account Executive ACI Worldwide
Nicole Hayden Events Specialist ACI Worldwide
Matt Hillgard ACI Worldwide
Bill Holloran Senior Account Executive ACI Worldwide
David Karl General Manager, VP ACI Worldwide
Nan Siler ACI Worldwide
Jeremy Wilmot SVP/GM Sales ACI Worldwide
Craig Winterhalder ACI Worldwide
Jim Saraceno Acquirer Systems
Ciaran Stapleton Head of Sales and Business Development Acquirer Systems
Catherine Johnston President/CEO ACT Canada
Adam Atlas Founder Adam Atlas Attorney At Law
Kathryn Graham Of Counsel Adam Atlas Attorney At Law
Elita Amaral Customer Service Manager Addressograph Bartizan
Chris Rawlings Sales Representative Addressograph Bartizan
Thomas Cornelius SVP Adility Inc.
Jim McQueen IT Director – Continuous Improvement Advance America
Josh Parsons VP, Technical Operations Advance America
Jagadeesh Gajula Manager System Solution Delivery Advance America Inc.
Douglas Halsall Advanced Integrated Systems, Ltd.
Stacey Peart Advanced Integrated Systems, Ltd.
Thomas Foster Senior Vice President – Integrated Payments Advocate Merchant Solutions
Greg Perry Customer Service Director Advocate Merchant Solutions
Jason Spector CSO Advocate Merchant Solutions
William H Wise IV President/ CEO Advocate Merchant Solutions
Michelle Johnson Business Development Manager AdvoPay
Kalyani Iyer Strategic Partnerships Manager Adyen
Robert Kraal Global Acquiring Adyen
Mike McGirr SVP, Compliance & Risk Adyen
Karolina Noronha Strategic Partnerships Manager Adyen
Luke Salinas Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager Adyen
Kamran Zaki President, North America Adyen
Glenn Mac Donald SVP Acquiring Adyen B.V.
Robert Canos Director Affinity Group Inc
Pavel Bespalov Local Merchant Manager, Navigator Affinity Solutions
todd Jakl Owner Affinity Solutions
Ted Mooney SVP, GM SMB/Aquirer Affinity Solutions
Jeffrey Shavitz Managing Director Affinity Solutions
Jeff Kaditz CoFounder & Chief Strategy Officer Affirm
Max Levchin CEO Affirm
Ryan Metcalf Affirm
George Bassous CEO Affirmative Technologies, Inc.
Sherry Knitter Director, Business Development Affirmative Technologies, Inc.
Dikran DK Marikian VP Operations Agile Solutions Inc
Gyselle Meulens-Petronia Managing Director AIC Financial Services NV
Julie Conroy Research Director Aite Group
Rebecca Lui Director, Marketing and Communications Alipay
Jingming Li GM & Chief Architect Alipay US Escrow
Abby Brant Senior Vice President of Sales Allegiance Merchant Services
Joshua Brant President Allegiance Merchant Services
Vincent Bordenca C.F.O. Alliance Merchant Services USA Inc
Seth Proper Managing Member Alliance Processing
Stephen McDonald Allianz
Michael Carrasco Chief Compliance Officer Allied Wallet
John Thorpe VP of Sales Allied Wallet
Philipp Bock CEO & Founder Allpago
Javier Vallaure Director Business Development Allpago
Robert Heinrich Vice President of Sales Alpha Card Services
Lazaros Kalemis CEO & Founder Alpha Card Services
Dimitrios Michelis President Alpha Card Services
Marwan Salem Alpha Card Services
Brian Nelson Bond Manager Alpha Surety Brokerage
Ray Gammo ABR Alpha Wireless Solutions
Andre Chernih Senior Marketing Manager Amazon
Ryan Finch Account Manager Amazon
Dan Murthy Amazon
Sean Estrada Sr Manager, Information Security Risk
Suzanne Chen Controller Amber Systems Technologies
Naveen Kumar Owner Amber Systems Technologies
Kristin Broughton Reporter American Banker
Jennifer Allen Director, Small Merchant Acquisition American Express
Scott Arndt Director, Processor Relations American Express
Terri Baker Analyst American Express
Yvette Blake Director, Business Development American Express
Yvette Blake Director, Business Development American Express
Kylea Boward VP Partnerships & Distribution American Express
Patrick Brown Sr. Manager, Enhanced Acquisition American Express
Daniel Bruch Director, Small Merchant Acquisition American Express
Cristina Bugnaru Senior Manager American Express
Andrew Duffett Director, Merchant Services – Americas American Express
Carol Engleman Vice President American Express
Donna English Director, Enhanced Acquisition American Express
Torino Fitzgerald Director American Express
Patrick Freeman Director Business Development American Express
Bill Gedarovich Director – Strategic Partnerships American Express
Elizabeth Greenbaum Director, New Merchant Engagement American Express
Craig Greenberg Internal Auditor American Express
Mickey Hansen Vice President – Small Merchants Capabilities American Express
Jennifer Hawkins VP / GM, Merchant Services Canada American Express
Jennifer Hernandez American Express
Elizabeth Hillis Director American Express
Edmond Jay EVP, Merchant Services American Express
Allison Keane Sr Partner Manager American Express
John Kieley Director, Global Network Policy American Express
Lou Magarelli RVP American Express
Greg Mixon Director American Express
Sangeeta Naik Vice President American Express
Brett Noel VP/GM American Express
phillip oh Relationship Manager American Express
Thomas Pojero Head of Acquisition Strategy American Express
Denada Ramnishta-Halili Senior Manager Business Development American Express
Marianne Rausch Marketing Director American Express
Jamie Rottger Senior Relationship Manager American Express
Kerri Ryan American Express
Kerri-Ann Santaguida VP Acquisition American Express
Jessica Sedler Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Planning American Express
Ronald Shultz VP & GM American Express
Viki Snedden Director, Small Merchant Acquisition American Express
Chandler Stroud Senior Manager, Brand Management American Express
Robin Trickel VP, Global Policy Development – Network Innovation American Express
Joseph Trigona Director American Express
Clyde Van Blarcum American Express
Tyler Vaughey VP/GM American Express
Andy Widmann Senior Manager American Express
Sharini Withana Director American Express
Edward Wooten Director-Business Development American Express
Joshua Berwitz Director-Strategy & Product De American Express/Plenti
Ethan Chuang Vice President American Express/Plenti
Conrad Pozsgai Vice President American Express/Plenti
Marisa Walster Director, Business Developent American Express/Plenti
Jumesh Walia CEO American Merchants Inc
David Ford CEO American Payment Solutions
Phil Heath National Sales Director American Payment Solutions
Jim Barnes President / CEO American Payment Systems
Alex Kunkel Director of Operations American Payment Systems
Haydn Richards American Transaction Processors Coalition
Andrew Altschuler Vice President Business Development AmeriMerchant
David Goldin President & CEO AmeriMerchant
Victor Chu CEO AMPOS Co. Ltd.
Brooklyn Goin Business Development Anovia Payments, LLC
Hollie Jones Director of Operations Anovia Payments, LLC
Sallie Atsalis Product Line Manager ANXeBusiness
Kimberly DeCarolis Director Retail and Compliance ANXeBusiness Corp
Richard Stanbaugh President & CEO ANXeBusiness Corp
Mark Wayne Executive Vice President ANXeBusiness Corp
Ken Elderts VP, ISO Channel AnywhereCommerce
Mitchell Cobrin CEO AnywhereCommerce
Gordon Frewin SVP, Sales AnywhereCommerce
Vicki McWeeney Product Manager AnywhereCommerce
William Nichols AnywhereCommerce
Michelle Wagner VP of Marketing AnywhereCommerce
Richard Love CEO AP Technology, LLC
Greg Wilfahrt CMO AP Technology, LLC
Jim Bibles Vice President, Business Development Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Bobby Bowyer Chief Operating Officer Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Steve Cambere Vice President Sales Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Mark Hayward Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Mike Keirnan CFO Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Spencer Miller SVP Sales Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Kevin Mokarow CEO & President Aperia Solutions, Inc.
John Nix Senior Vice President Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Amy Smoot VP Aperia Solutions, Inc.
Paul St. George Director of Mobility and Interfaces APG Cash Drawer, LLC
Mark Waring Apigee
Ronnie Regev Product Manager AppFolio
Micaiah Filkins Co-Founder AppFrontier LLC
David Hecht AppFrontier LLC
Jay Cromarty APPI Tecnologia
Ravin Mehta Sr. Executive VP APPI Tecnologia
Rafael Silva System Analyst APPI Tecnologia
Dave Baldwin Channel Partnerships Apple
Eric Hoffman Apple Inc
Qaiser Iqbal Apple Inc
Orlando Luna Sr. Systems Engineer Apple Inc
Jennifer O’Leary Account Executive Apple Inc
Clay Hunt Chief Financial Officer Applied Merchant Systems West Coast, Inc.
Jonathan Severn CEO Applied Merchant Systems West Coast, Inc.
Nasir Shakouri President Applied Merchant Systems West Coast, Inc.
Mark Leibowitz CEO AppStar Financial
Sagar Golla Founder, CEO AppVoyage
Bill Brooks Key Account Manager Apriva
Laura Carrero Director, Account Management Apriva
Karen Coblentz Sr. Director, Mobile Product Management Apriva
Julia Decker Executive Account Manager Apriva
Anne Ender Sales & Marketing Support Manager Apriva
Stacey Finley Tappin SVP NA Sales & Marketing Communications Apriva
Patty Heit Director, Partner Integrations Apriva
Ben Hurley Director, Mobile Product Management Apriva
Paul Jackson Sales Executive, Integration Services Apriva
Angela Maxwell Director, Account Management Apriva
Justin Passalaqua Director of Sales Apriva
David Riddiford Chief Financial Officer Apriva
Robin Rotz Director of Marketing Apriva
Brian Sadowski SVP Information Technology Apriva
Kelly Sazima Acount Manager Apriva
Taj Walker Account Manager Apriva
Scott Leach Aquiline Capital Partners
Maxwell Morgan Managing Director Aramor Payments
Jeremy Brown CTO ArbiterSports
Jeff Triplette ArbiterSports
Peter Smith ARCA
Jacob Shimon President Argus LLC
Ross Buntrock Partner Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Theresa Kananen Esq. Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Edward Marshall Partner Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Joe Rubin Counsel Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Ray Thompson VP of Market Development Arroweye Solutions
Nes Blackbird Co-Owner Arts People
Rich Greene Sales/Marketing Manager Ascert, LLC
Andrew Mould Managing Partner Ascert, LLC
Paul Springston Professional Services Manager Ascert, LLC
Laura Poling Business Development Representative Association for Financial Professionals
Matthieu Coat Writer, Business Analyst Atelier
Frank DiCrisi COO Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc
Richard Hickman Executive VP and COO Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc
Abe Maghaguian President/CEO Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems, Inc
Derek Ball CEO
Gabriel Grisham Manager – Business Development & Strategy Aurfy, Inc.
Bill Michael UP Sales Aurfy, Inc.
Bo Wang CEO Aurfy, Inc.
Jeff Tennenbaum Director, Global Business Development Auriemma Consulting Group
Mangesh Bhosale Project Manager Aurus, Inc.
Shweta Machhe Project Manager Aurus, Inc.
Sudhir Malunjkar Project Manager Aurus, Inc.
Rahul Mutha CEO Aurus, Inc.
Kapil Ojha Project Manager Aurus, Inc.
Robert Wesley Chief Strategy Officer Aurus, Inc.
Keith Bailey Senior Sales Engineer Authorize.Net
John Bodine Head of Authorize.Net Sales Authorize.Net
Michelle Coon Marketing Manager Authorize.Net
Jennifer Huang Director Authorize.Net
Ben Kamalu Alliance Sales Authorize.Net
Fred Kaye Senior Director Authorize.Net
Corey Koenig Senior Director Authorize.Net
Kristy Nielson Alliances Manager Authorize.Net
Wade Olcott Sales Leader, Alliance Sales Authorize.Net
David Schwartz Sr. Director, Marketing Authorize.Net
Allison Stahl Marketing Manager Authorize.Net
Craig Storms Alliance Manager Authorize.Net
Karisty Welsh Alliances Manager Authorize.Net
Scott Wessman Sr. Bus Development Leader Authorize.Net
Todd Whittaker Sr. Sales Leader, Alliance Sales Authorize.Net
Daniel Sloan President Automated Merchant Systems, Inc.
Patrice Sloan Treasurer Automated Merchant Systems, Inc.
Piotr Frasunkiewicz AVAA
Mario Castro Principal Architect Avalon Solutions Group
Robert Fifield Co-Founder/COO Avalon Solutions Group
Edward Flood Avalon Solutions Group
David Sanders CEO Avalon Solutions Group
Steven Shollenberger Managing Partner Avalon Solutions Group
Michael Ni CMO/SVP Marketing and Products Avangate
Michael Irving Director of Operations Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Michael Varian Technology and Product Director Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Kevin Kidd President Axia Payments/AxiaMed
Mike Sheffey Axia Payments/AxiaMed
Daniel Sokolovsky Founder AxleHire
Daniel Giger Business Manager AZM Processing Inc.
Matt Mancine Business Development Manager AZM Processing Inc.
Keddy Chen General Manager AZT POS
Catherine Tung Marketing & Sales Representative AZT POS
Gary Khabinski CEO B2B Soft
Steve Orlov Executive Vice President, Product Strategy B2B Soft
Igor Senchenko B2B Soft
Martin Leroux President B2Billing Payments Inc
Mahmoud Abdelkader Co-Founder & CTO Balanced Payments
David Ades EVP, Gen Mgr Large Corp, North America Bank of America Merchant Services
Mark Bishopp SVP- Complex Payment Models Practice Bank of America Merchant Services
Virginia Curnal Chief of Staff Bank of America Merchant Services
Mike Gramz Chief Risk Officer Bank of America Merchant Services
Phil Krivacek SVP General Mgr and Segment Sales Executive Bank of America Merchant Services
Jared Kubn Bank of America Merchant Services
Karen Leasure Vice President, Payment Network Compliance Bank of America Merchant Services
Charlie Morgan SVP, Corp Strategy Bank of America Merchant Services
Joe Rauch Communications Manager Bank of America Merchant Services
Michael Roberts Chief Marketing and Digital Strategy Officer Bank of America Merchant Services
James Scarborough Bank of America Merchant Services
Micah Shawn Bank of America Merchant Services
Kristin Tacy Vice President, Card Brand Relationship Manager Bank of America Merchant Services
Tim Tynan CEO Bank of America Merchant Services
Ryan Shapiro CEO Bankable Ventures LLC
Reuven Cypers Accounts Manager BankCard USA
Anthony Ogden Counsel & Policy Advisor
Mary Ann Elliott Supples Senior Vice President-Bank Card Bankers’ Bank of the West
Lynette Gregg Vice President- Bank Card Bankers’ Bank of the West
Joe Valeo Bankers Healthcare Group
Kevin Frisch President Banquest Payment Systems
Shannon LeDuff Base Commerce
Jen Alexander Chief Operations Officer BASYS Processing, Inc.
Joseph Thomas Chairman, President & CEO Bay Bank, FSB
Daniel Chatelain Founder & Managing Director BayPay Forum
Amitaabh Malhotra Consultant and Business Advisor BayPay Forum
Gary Thompson Communication BayPay Forum
Nigel Bidmead BBPOS
Robert Cook President North America BBPOS Limited
Whitney Cahoy Director of Merchant Relations BBVA Compass
Adam Spencer Director of Acquiring BBVA Compass
Luis Beeli Partner Beacon Business Solutions
Andrea Olivas Vice President Beacon Business Solutions
Vafa Von Raees CEO Beacon Business Solutions
Craig Thomson GM Beanstream
Philip Beck Beck and Beck LLC
eric buatois managing partner benhamou global ventures
Onur Haytac CEO Benseron POS
Peter Ognibene Managing Director Berkery Noyes
Geoffrey Byruch Berkman Financial
David Greenberg Managing Member Berkowitz, Trager & Trager, LLC
Matthew Heiser Counsel Berkowitz, Trager & Trager, LLC
Peter Lee Vice President Bessemer Venture Partners
Cynthia Kim CFO Best Merchant Service
Vio Jang President Best Merchant Services
Mahesh Bhatija Bhatija Enterprises LLC
Leighann Breeze Applications Specialist BiddRocket
Brian Ley Lead Founder BiddRocket
Sacha Polverini Senior Programme Officer – Policy and Regulation, Financial Services for the Poor Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Joseph Bonilla Director of Product Management BillingTree
Melissa Kirk VP, Technology BillingTree
Rich Knowles VP of Operations and Finance BillingTree
Valentin Alvarez BILLPOCKET
Alejandro Guizar CEO BILLPOCKET
Fabien Boursin Sales Director BillPro
Julien Jeannoit BillPro
Daria Rippingale CEO BillPro
Andrew Thornhill Business Development Manager BillPro
Chris West Underwriting Manager BillPro
David Bozin Bindo
David Bozin Bindo
Dan Merns Bindo
Jason Ngan Head of Product Bindo Labs Inc
Benedict Wong Bindo Labs Inc
Damon Yuan Application Architect Bindo Labs Inc
Levey Zhu Application Architect Bindo Labs Inc
Surk Gyu Jung CEO Bitel Co., Ltd.
Haeng Ho Park Executive Director Bitel Co., Ltd.
Waleed Sadek Managing Director Bitel Co., Ltd.
Charlie Shin Manager Bitel Co., Ltd.
Marat Kichikov Managing Director Bitfury Capital
Paige Freeman VP of Sales Bitnet Technologies
Alain Gendre VP Alliances Bitnet Technologies
John McDonnell CoFounder and CEO Bitnet Technologies
Travis Zessin Director of Business Development Bitnet Technologies
Tony Gallippi Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Bitpay
Corey Glaze Senior Sales Engineer Bitpay
Steve Pratt Director of Business Development Bitpay
Emily Vaughn Events Marketing Manager Bitpay
Eric Benz Bitreserve
Jonathan Chester Founder, COO Bitwage
Kristina Bacelic Marketing & Account Manager Bixolon America Inc
John Choi Product Manager Bixolon America Inc
Alberto Hwang President Bixolon America Inc
Rohit Arora CEO Biz2Credit Inc
Roger Brown Director, Product Management Biz2Credit Inc
Tracy Kellaher Vice President Biz2Credit Inc
Luke Fenstermacher Blackhawk Network
Iasmine Klauber Principal Counsel Blackhawk Network
Manoj Krishna Software Architect Blackhawk Network
Pranav Sheth Software Architect Blackhawk Network
Tushar vaish VP Engineering Blackhawk Network
Howard Herndon President BlackLine Payments Advisors LLC
Joshua Rosenblatt Partner BlackLine Payments Advisors LLC
Luis Arias CEO Blackstone Merchant Services
Jorge Reyes Sales Manager Blackstone Merchant Services
Janet Sancho President Blackstone Merchant Services
Jacqueline Shinfield Mrs. Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Khanh Tu BLogic Systems
Spencer Soper E-commerce Reporter Bloomberg News
Stelios Cabrera Director of Business Development Blue Rocket Brands
Danielle Foss Blue Rocket Brands
Charles Cho Business Development Manager Bluebird Inc.
Brent Ho-Young Bluebird Inc.
Kevin Jung Bluebird Inc.
BongSoo Kim Regional Manager Bluebird Inc.
Eunbi Kim Industry Partner Manager Bluebird Inc.
John Bianchini Product Marketing Director Bluefin Payment Systems
Danielle Duclos VP Marketing Bluefin Payment Systems
Gregg Gumbinger Chief Technology Officer Bluefin Payment Systems
Shane Harwell VP, BD Security Solutions Bluefin Payment Systems
Stephanie Meyers VP, Channel Partner Management Bluefin Payment Systems
Ruston Miles Chief of Innovation Bluefin Payment Systems
John Perry President and CEO Bluefin Payment Systems
Joy Savula Director Marketing Bluefin Payment Systems
Jeff Schroeder Chief of Marketing and Strategy Bluefin Payment Systems
Ralph Dangelmaier CEO BlueSnap, Inc.
Terry Monteith SVP, Payment Partnerships BlueSnap, Inc.
Bill Sobo CFO BlueSnap, Inc.
Lane Conner Vice President BlueStar Payment Solutions LLC
Jerry Mooty President BlueStar Payment Solutions LLC
Luke Schmille BD BlueStar Payment Solutions LLC
Brad Woy Executive BlueStar Payment Solutions LLC
Linda Rossetti President Bluestone Payments
Mohan Asnani Principal Bmak Inc.
Paul Condra BMO Capital Markets
Russell Pareti II VP Sales and Marketing Board Studios
Matt Abrahams Founder Bold Echo LLC
Daniel Chandre Booker Software Inc
Matthew Mahoney VP Business Development Booker Software Inc
Chris Dorsey Head of Business Development Boomtown
Chip Kahn Founder & CEO Boomtown
Yanni Trainedes Chief Executive Officer Boppl
Nadim Homsany CEO BPA
Alexander Belyakov BPC Banking Technologies
Brian Hadaway Senior Director of Sales BPC Banking Technologies
Anthony Borja BR Merchant Service
Eli Rubin Senior Account Manager BR Merchant Service
Ryan Bowler Partner Brand Makers
Elias Maizi VP Opeartions Bravo Payment Systems
Clayton Main Partner Bregal Sagemount
Carlee Hudachko EVP Business Development BridgePay Network Solutions
Carlee Hudachko EVP Business Development BridgePay Network Solutions
Rick Taylor CEO BridgePay Network Solutions
Rory Hersch Member BridgePay Network Solutions/T-Gate Payments
Bill Marshall CTO BridgePay Network Solutions/T-Gate Payments
Chris Gee Brightbox
Billy Gridley Brightbox
Ray Espinola Director of Sales Brighterion, Inc.
Neil Jones Director of Sales Brighterion, Inc.
Jacquelyn Prescott Accounts Manager Brighterion, Inc.
Thomas Rand-Nash Director of Operations Brighterion, Inc.
Kurt Schwabe Director of Marketing and Communications Brighterion, Inc.
Rex Kiang Associate Product Line Director Broadcom
Christopher Moezzi Sr. Director, Product Management Broadcom
Fong Pong Associate Technical Director Broadcom
Todd Trammell Sr PLM Broadcom Corporation
Scott Gallagher Brownstone Recovery
David Bailey Editor-In-Chief, Owner BTC Media LLC
Margo Tank Partner BuckleySandler LLP
Cathy Bass Chief Visionary Officer Business Financial Services
Marc Glazer President & CEO Business Financial Services
Shakira Marquez Agent Director Business Financial Services
Evan Bakker Research Associate Business Insider
John Heggestuen Research Analyst Business Insider
Mike Monocello Editor in Chief Business Solutions Magazine
Autumn Ciliberto
Maria Nealon
Murgesh Navar Advisor BuyFi
Lori Marshall President BYNDL, LLC
Robert Eschauzier C&H Financial Services
Nicole Greenberg C&H Financial Services
Stefany Jarrett Data Entry/Deployment C&H Financial Services
James Constanzo Co-Chairman C&H Financial Services Inc.
Anthony Holder Co-Chairman C&H Financial Services Inc.
James Stark Chief Legal Officer C&H Financial Services Inc.
Marcus Dagenais VP, Sales & Marketing Caledon Card Services
Michael Moon Managing Director Calera Capital
Oscar Lumen Financial Institutions Manager California Department of Business Oversight
Jan Lynn Owen California Department of Business Oversight
Julio Prada Financial Institutions Manager California Department of Business Oversight
Chris Anderson President Calpian
Craig Jessen President Calpian
Jennifer Stadler Vice President Business Development Calpian
Bob Dowd Managing Director, Global Ecommerce Cambridge
Krystl Black VP of Product Development CAN Capital
Elizabeth Connerat CAN Capital
Les Falke VP Business Development CAN Capital
Leigh Gross VP of Business Development CAN Capital
Tom Magee non-employee CAN Capital
Lauren Mariani PR Consultant CAN Capital
James Mendelsohn Chief Marketing Officer CAN Capital
Jason Rockman VP of Brand Marketing CAN Capital
Jeanna Searcy Marketing Administrator CAN Capital
Andrew Weber Director of Marketing CAN Capital
Kate Musall Capital Bankcard
Terry Kulow Director of Operations Capital for Merchants
Jason Dandridge Managing Vice President Capital One
Rachel Grande Credit Risk Analyst Capital One
Ed Mastrangelo Product Management Capital One
cameron Peek senior manager software engineering Capital One
Gil Townsend Product Manager Capital One
Galina Skidan Sr. Risk Manager Capital One Merchant Services Corporation
Stacy Smith Chief Operating Officer Capital One Merchant Services Corporation
David Talach SVP, Head of New Ventures, National Small Business Capital One Merchant Services Corporation
Robert Wood Capital One Merchant Services Corporation
Sherif Mohamed Card Machine Outlet
Chad Crawford National Sales Director Card Payment Solutions
Raymond Watson Vice President Card Payment Solutions
Daina Di Veto Managing Director Card Resource Group
Andria Case Director Card Resource Group
Angelo Grecco SVP of ISO Sales CardConnect
Martin Hawke Agent Support CardConnect
John Katoula CardConnect
Robert Nathan SVP Product CardConnect
Patrick Shanahan Chief Operations Officer CardConnect
Laith Yaldoo CardConnect
Manuela Odell Business Development Manager CardFlight
Natalia Tango Business Development Manager CardFlight
Derek Webster Founder and CEO CardFlight
Andy Tierney Global Market Services Director CardinalCommerce Corporation
Steve Wecksler Regional Channel Manager CardinalCommerce Corporation
Jennifer Casco Vice President
Brandon Becker Chief Executive Officer CardReady LLC
Drew Padnick EVP Business Development CardReady LLC
Farid Shayegh Special Projects CardReady LLC
Mike Firestone General Manager CardWare International
Brad McCoy Director, National Sales CardWare International
Will Broadlick Product Manager CareCap
Erik Ahrsjo Carte Noir Ltd
Diana Ludwig Sales Manager, North America Cartes Secure Connections
Wynn Salisch Chairman and CEO Casablanca Ventures
Shaun Lavelle Mr Cashflows
Patrick Horner Casio Employee Casio America, Inc
Linus Le Casio America, Inc
Hoa Phung Tech Marketing & Support Manager Casio America, Inc
Kaz Tokue Employee Casio America, Inc
Winston Fong Chief Strategy Officer Castles Technology Co., Ltd.
Chris Molke CEO Catalyst Card Company
Gary Smythe President Catalyst Card Company
Ammar Afif CFO Cayan
John Buchanan Manager of Third Party Sales Cayan
Marc Castrechini VP, Solution Strategy Cayan
Johannes Denson VP, Corporate Strategy Cayan
Harry Hargens VP, Business Development Cayan
Henry Helgeson Cayan
Michelle Metz Channel Marketing Manager Cayan
Ken Paull Chief Revenue Officer Cayan
Marc Pepe Sales Engineer Cayan
Larry Richmond Cayan
Dan Ryan General Counsel Cayan
Doug Small Director, Third Party Sales Cayan
Troy Smith Opticard Cayan
Keith Stradling Opticard Cayan
May Toomey Cayan
Patrick Turiano Director of Marketing & Communication Cayan
David Aronson Founder & CEO Caysh
Ron Cadwell CEO CCBill
Jacob Powers CCBill
Rob Redmond Account Executive CDNetworks
Tyler Smith Account Executive CDNetworks
Darryl Wyse Analyst CDP Capital
KyungJin Lee Manager of R&D CDS
John Yeum President CDS
Innam Yu Senior VP CDS
Kellie Lindblom Assistant Vice President of Merchant Services Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust
Dave Garboski President CellCharge, Inc
Jorge Fernandez CEO CenPOS
German Gonzalez CTO CenPOS
Eric Barth COO Central Payment
Tommy Chang Director of Business Development Central Payment
Nery Espinal Director of Merchant Relations Central Payment
Nile Johnson Underwriting Manager Central Payment
Paul Baillie CenturyLink
Moshe Levy CETECOM Inc.
Leena Im Policy Analyst CFPB
Howard Klein CFSB
Jeffrey Shavitz President Charge Card Systems
Lori Bembanaste Advisory Board Member Chargeback Armor, Inc.
Mike Costache CEO Chargeback Armor, Inc.
Tim Coltrell CEO
Mike Davis Vice President of Sales
Trey Franklin Executive Director, Client Solutions Chase
Jan Hacker-Bodack Director Product Management Chase
Frank Lynch SVP-National Sales Chase
Marc Massar SVP, Group Manager, Enterprise Product, Emerging Solutions Chase
Joan DeTemple Group Manager, Product Management Chase Commerce Solutions
Nathaniel Farkas Strategic Account Manager Chase Commerce Solutions
Anthony Glover Strategic Relations Executive Chase Commerce Solutions
TJ Grissom Business Strategy Chase Commerce Solutions
Sam Jawad Chase Commerce Solutions
Jasper Malcolmson Managing Director, Product Executive Chase Commerce Solutions
Nilam Patel Senior Product Manager, Acceptance Solutions Chase Commerce Solutions
Kimberly Tibbetts Executive Director Chase Commerce Solutions
Cindy Turner Exec Director, Chase Commerce Solutions, Product Chase Commerce Solutions
Jim Allen Group Executive, Product Chase Paymentech
Chris Butts Strategic Account Manager Chase Paymentech
Bill DeSimone Head of Acquirer Relations Chase Paymentech
Kim Fitzsimmons U.S. Market President, Chase Merchant Services Chase Paymentech
Tien-tsin Huang Managing Director, Research Analyst Chase Paymentech
Bob Nadeau Group Executive, Enterprise Products Chase Paymentech
Drew Soinski Executive Director Chase Paymentech
Allison Murray EVP, Operations and Business Development CheckAlt Payment Solutions
Shai Stern Co-Chairman and CEO CheckAlt Payment Solutions
John Hughes President Checkgateway, Inc.
Jeremy Keehn VP Marketing Checkgateway, Inc.
John Kirchhefer President/CEO Checkgateway, Inc.
Brad Oliver Sales Manager Checkgateway, Inc.
Alex Sidel COO Checkgateway, Inc.
Michelle Brown Merchant Support Manager Chesapeake Bank
Starr Eamigh AVP, ISO Manager Chesapeake Bank
Kate Root VP, Director of Merchant Services Chesapeake Bank
Marshall Warner Executive Vice President Chesapeake Bank
William Dawsey National Account Manager Chetu
Bryan Norman National Account Manager Chetu
Atal Bansal CIO Chetu Inc
Lucio Viezca Chicago national Bankcard
Miriam Park Chief Representative China UnionPay, USA
Jeff Brodsly President/CEO Chosen Payments
Ed Hayward CEO CipherTooth, Inc.
Jerry Hayward CTO CipherTooth, Inc.
Reena Kanagasingam N/A Citadel
Guy Smith Analyst Citadel
Leon Perlman Research Fellow Citi
Richard Dunn Economic Development Officer City of Moncton
Kevin Silliker Director, Economic Development City of Moncton
Brian Bennett CityCheers Media
Winston Jaeb CityCheers Media
Tom Lindblom Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer CKE Restaurants, Inc.
Alan Slutzky Managing Partner Clear Pay Processing
Kishalay Kumar Anal AVP Clear2Pay
Gaurav Bisht Vice President – Client Services Clear2Pay
Umesh Kulkarni SVP, Global Business Development Clear2Pay
Mike Packer Regional Sales Director Clear2Pay
William Santoro Director of Sales Clear2Pay
Ed Alba AVP Marketing Clearent, LLC
Kathleen Elliott Relationship Manager Clearent, LLC
Jeff Fortney VP, ISO Channel Management Clearent, LLC
Dan Geraty SVP of Business Development Clearent, LLC
Terry Nawara VP Business Development Clearent, LLC
Jeff Zimmerman Vice President of Product Management Clearent, LLC
Clay Farrell ClientVine
Bryan Tomlin ClientVine
Peter Jensen-Haxel Chief Communications Officer CloudMoDe
Henry Abenaim Certified platform specialist CloudMyBiz
Henrietta Meire Business Development CloudMyBiz
Vlasta Pokladnikova CLOUDPASSAGE
Ben Malek COO CloudWalk
John Beatty Co-Founder Clover
Vincent Durieux Lead Operations Clover
Melissa Ong VP, Relationship Management Clover
Mark C. Schulze VP, Business Development Clover
Ian Bragg CMD
Morgan Brasfield Producer CNBC
Josh Lipton Reporter CNBC
Mark Neuling Photographer CNBC
Nick Statt Reporter CNET News
Jose Pagliery Tech Reporter CNN Money
Ben Ellsworth Regional Sales Manager Coalfire
Dan Fritsche Managing Director, Coalfire Labs Coalfire
Matt Getzelman Director, PCI Practice Coalfire
John Kronick Regional VP, West Coalfire
Jared Lopshire Regional Sales Director Coalfire
Jim Sandford VP SaaS and Channel Sales Coalfire
Philip Wang Payment Systems Marketing Manager Coalfire
Rick Dakin CEO, Co-Founder, & Chief Security Strategist Coalfire Systems
Hunter Allen Advisory Board Member COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Andrew Anderson Board Member/Vice President COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Sean Bonesteele COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Dan Brattland President COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Scott Do Member COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Nelda Mays Board Member/Vice President COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Raymond Raya Board Member/Vice President COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
Gregg Raymundo COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
John Collins Government Affairs, Washington DC Coinbase
Adam White Director of Business Developmet & Strategy Coinbase
Skye Elijah CEO CoinBeyond
Stuart Mackinnon President Columbus Data, Inc.
Ron Schuldt CEO Columbus Data, Inc.
Mark Frankovic National Sales Manager Commerce Bank
Jason Hoult Technology & Compliance Manager Commerce Bank
Dan Rosen Founder Commerce VC
Angelica Stocks VP, Treasury Services Manager Commonwealth Bank and Trust
Edward Black Sales, New Business/Products Comodo Group, Inc.
edward buack Sales Rep Comodo Group, Inc.
Dane Disimino Product Marketing Manager Comodo Group, Inc.
Robert Gersten ISOS & Acquirers Business Manager Comodo Group, Inc.
Kevin McColl Global Enterprise Partnerships Comodo Group, Inc.
Kevin McColl Global Enterprise Partnerships Comodo Group, Inc.
Isaac Boltansky SVP, Policy Analyst Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC
Danielle Whitson VP of Business Devolpment Complete Merchant Solutions, LLC
River Cohen CEO Compliant Security Services
Chris O’Grady Compliant Security Services
Brian Sachs President Compliant Security Services
Don Burns Compulocks Brands, Inc.
Nadine George Conference Director Conference Managers
Cathryn Wanders Exhibits & Sponsorship Manager Conference Managers
JW Epply SVP, Sales & Business Development
Pete Coulter Information Technology Director Conquest Payments
David Walter CEO Conquest Payments
Kenneth shaw Owner Consolidated funding Inc
Steve Pinado CEO Constellation Payments
Angela Summa Director of Business Development Constellation Payments
Jason Stinnett Payment Services Manager Continental Utility Solutions Inc.
David Abouchar Senior Director of Product Management ControlScan
Jethro Felton EVP, Sales & Business Development ControlScan
Joan Herbig CEO ControlScan
David Koziol Sr. Director, Relationship Management ControlScan
Matt Loos Vice President – Strategic Sales ControlScan
Cathryn Matarazzo Director of Marketing ControlScan
Ron Teicher CEO, EverCompliant ControlScan
Tim Thomas Sr. Director, Product Management ControlScan
Harlan Hutson CEO/Founder CoPayGo
Jim Zipursky Managing Director Corporate Finance Associates
Shaunt Sarkissian President, and CEO Cortex MCP, Inc.
Bill Brudenell Chief Executive Officer Cost Advisor
Jim Goforth Manager Costco
Dino Saracevic Service Coordinator Costco
Jay Smith Director Costco
Michael Fonz Courix
Becca Plofker Business Development & Marketing Cover, Inc
Davies Beller Managing Director Cowen And Company
Moshe Katri Managing Director Cowen And Company
James Kissane Managing Director Cowen And Company
Patrick Richards Product Manager Crane Payment Innovations
Zarko Maletin Corporate Development Credit Sesame
Denise Grace Operations Manager Credit Union 24
Christopher Poole VP, Operations Credit Union 24
Sian Bosley Commercial Director CreditCall Corporation
Riaz Ladha Director of Sales, Retail Creditcall Ltd.
Jimmy Diaz Sales & Marketing Analyst Credomatic Merchant Services
Jorge Moreno Territory Manager Credomatic Merchant Services
Joshua Floum Chairman Credorax
Brad Jensen Solutions Architect Credorax
Rod Katzfey VP Enterprise Sales/Business Development Credorax
Benjamin Nachman CEO Credorax
Florian Pils Crew Control
Brandes Elitch Director of Partner Acquisitions CrossCheck, Inc.
Todd Little National Sales Trainer CrossCheck, Inc.
Travis Powers Vice President of Partner & ISO Relations CrossCheck, Inc.
J. David Siembieda President & CEO CrossCheck, Inc.
Bruce Mann CRS, Incorporated
Jack Duncan CT Global Solutions
Mauro Bettiga CTO Current Components Inc.
Fabrice Chapelain President Current Components Inc.
Chris Miller CTO Current Components Inc.
Todd Miller President Current Components Inc.
Paul Vanacore National Sales Manager Current Components Inc.
Douglas Laver National Business Development Manager Cuscal
David Daily President & CEO Cutter LLC
Denise Shomo President Cutter LLC
Jason Glass Managing Director CVC Capital Partners
Brendan Burke Senior Director CyberSource
LEA CABATBAT Manager, Global Acquiring Operations CyberSource
Bret Hydorn Vice President CyberSource
Andre Machicao Senior Vice President of CyberSource & PlaySpan CyberSource
Abhi Shrivastava Product Manager CyberSource
Adam Williams Sr. Sales Engineer CyberSource
Dominic Brown Sr. Director, NA Strategic Alliances & Business Development CyberSource, a Visa Company
Henry Chen CEO Cynovo
Pepper Whaling Consultant Cyphter LLC
Thomas McGovern Vice President Cypress Associates LLC
Barry Johnson President & CEO Dara Security
Bill Serate CFO & Engineering Dara Security
Kathleen Bright Data Processing Solutions
Sandra Colligan Data Processing Solutions
Sara Lopatin Marketing Manager Datapipe
Gary Veselka Account Executive Datapipe
Tony Zapanta Account Executive Datapipe
Owen Brown CEO DAVO Technologies LLC
Heidi Ortiz CSO DAVO Technologies LLC
Josh Olson DCI
Sean Murray Chief Editor/President deBanked
Randall Veselka Chief Executive Officer Debit Technologies, Inc.
Shaun Quincey President DebitSuccess Inc
Eyal Balzilay Co-Founder & CEO Dejavoo Systems
Chris Clarke Technical Support Dejavoo Systems
Carl Cotto Sr. Sales Representative Dejavoo Systems
Michael Shagin VP Operations Dejavoo Systems
Michael Shagin Sales Dejavoo Systems
Andrey Tikhonov CTO Dejavoo Systems
Mony Zenou President & CEO Dejavoo Systems
Charles Brewton Delta Air Lines
chantal Bonane Senior advisor Desjardins
Normand Provost Head of International Card Payment Standards Desjardins
Seth Brener Director Deutsche Bank
Jamie Peppas VP, Merchant Services Deutsche Bank
Mark Unger Vice President Deutsche Bank
Nick Bencivenga Senior Vice President Dharma Merchant Services
Jeff Marcous President Dharma Merchant Services
Vladimir Novikov Co-Founder & Executive Vice President Diamond Mind
Barry Silbert Founder Digital Currency Group
Jeffrey Marder Chief Executive Officer Digital Donations
Keith Orlean President Digital Donations
Richard Clayton Director Global Supply Management Digital River World Payments
Roland Maessen VP of Risk & Compliance Digital River World Payments
Jim Daly Senior Editor Digital Transactions
Robert Jenisch Publisher Digital Transactions
Bob Mitchell Marketing Consultant Digital Transactions
Bob Mitchell Marketing Consultant Digital Transactions
John Stewart Editor-in-Chief Digital Transactions
Cathy Woods Advertising Representative Digital Transactions
Jeff Riley CEO Dinerware, Inc.
Israel Morrision Channel Manager Dinerware, LLC
Adam Pinyoun Manager Dinerware, LLC
Jordan Bar Am DipJar
Ryder Kessler CEO DipJar
Mark Khemmoro Sales Agent Direct Bancard
marvin khemmoro secretary direct bancard
Deavin Konja Payment Solutions Consultant Direct Bancard
Andrew Brown Managing Director Direct Connect
Matt Clyne President Direct Connect
Huy Dinh Vice President of Sales Direct DPS
Jay Attiyah Vice President Direct Processing, Inc.
Mike Canady Vice President Acquirer Relations, Americas Discover Financial Services
Scott DeBoard Vice President, Network Operations Discover Financial Services
Joe Hurley Senior Vice President, Global Business Development Discover Financial Services
Peter Illian Vice President, Global Marketing Discover Financial Services
Sandy Joyce Project Manager, Global Acceptance Event Management Discover Financial Services
Diane Offereins EVP, Discover Financial Services Discover Financial Services
Amy Parsons Vice President, GSMR Discover Financial Services
Melissa Schoenhals Manager, Global Acceptance Messaging Discover Financial Services
Amie Smith Senior Manager, Global Marketing Discover Financial Services
Gerry Wagner Vice President, Discover Network Discover Financial Services
Betty West Manager, Global and Executive Events Discover Financial Services
Chris Winter Director, Global Acceptance, EMEA Discover Financial Services
John Badovinac Senior Manager, Integrated Payments Discover Network
Greg Bauske Director, Client Support Discover Network
Justin Block Manager, Strategic Planning Discover Network
Kevin Bouvy Senior Manager, Global Business Development Discover Network
Lisa Breitengross Manager, Partner Marketing Discover Network
Brian Campbell Director, Relationship Management Discover Network
Ed Cosentino General Manager, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Clare Crotty Relationship Manger, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Jennifer Cruz Director, Global Marketing Discover Network
Dave Dew Manager, Global Marketing Discover Network
Rene Duemmel Senior Manager, Processing Partnership Discover Network
Mary Fusco Senior Manager, Processing Partnership Discover Network
Donna Gibson Senior Manager, Acquirer Support Discover Network
Gina Gobeyn Director, Payments Security Discover Network
Tyson Goings Project Manager, R&D, Global Products and Solutions Discover Network
Jonathon Gould Head of Acceptance Development, Asia Pacific Discover Network
Doug Jenkins Manager, Sales Business Development Discover Network
Kevin Jordan Senior Manager, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Robert Kinsella General Manager, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Doug Krinsky General Manager, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Mary Meents Director, Partner Marketing Discover Network
Gary Meyer Senior Manager, Debit Solutions Discover Network
Sandy Neddoff General Manager, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Julie Quandt Senior Manager, Payments Data Security Discover Network
Annie Reeder Senior Manager, Global Marketing Discover Network
Fausto Rossi Head of Canada, Acceptance Discover Network
Alyssa Siegele Senior Associate, Network Marketing & Comms Discover Network
Ellie Smith Head of Chip Center Excellence Discover Network
Mike Tekulve Director, Global Solutions Design Discover Network
Mike Tieman Senior Manager, Acquirer Support Discover Network
Kelly Tufts Vice President, Portfolio Marketing Discover Network
Radhika Vedaraman Senior Manager, Global Data Security Compliance Discover Network
Keith Wilson Director, Acquirer Relations Discover Network
Stephen Yu Senior Manager, Merchant Portfolio Analysis Discover Network
Don Moore President Diversus Payment Solutions
Todd Ablowitz President Double Diamond Group
Richard Oglesby Analyst/Consultant Double Diamond Group
Melissa Sutherland Senior Manager Compliance and Policy Double Diamond Group
Yubin Choi DUALi Inc.
Mina Jeon Overseas Sales Director DUALi Inc.
Mudji Kurniawan Chairman DUALi Inc.
Frank Lopez COO Dynamics Payments
Aaron Rich Operational Manager Dynamics Payments
Javier Rivera President / CEO Dynamics Payments
Meijuan Chen Dynicsoft Inc
Barry Lau Manager Dynicsoft Inc
Bin Liu Dynicsoft Inc
Tom hegarty E la Carte
David Wood Head Strategic Accounts E la Carte
Lori Breitzke Principal E&S Consulting LLC
Paul Finch CEO Early Warning Services
David Crooks President Easy Pay Solutions, Inc.
Dan Miller President EasyDraft
Carolina Pascowitch EBANX
Megan Hannigan Manager, Government Affairs eBay Inc.
Andrew Hackler CFO Echo Daily
Jared Hackler CEO Echo Daily
Jay Scott Director of Sales and Business Development E-Commerce Exchange
Peter Ehmke Partner Edgar, Dunn & Company
Angela Diffly Editor Edgell Communications
Keith Smith EVP, Merchant Sales edo Interactive
Brendan O’Neill Eirth Systems
John Arango Senior Director Elavon
Lisa Brooks Senior Director of MSP Relationship Management Elavon
Ron Carmichael Vice President, M-Commerce Elavon
Kris Colyer MSP Relationships Elavon
Michael Damergis Compliance Manager Elavon
Murphy Deborah Chief of Staff Elavon
Dave Dolin Senior Product Marketing Manager Elavon
Ian Drysdale EVP, Business Development Elavon
Pelwasha Faquiryan VP, Strategic Accounts Elavon
Amy Gutierrez SVP & General Manager, Integrated Payment Partner Solutions Elavon
Howard Haffner B.D.O. 3rd Party Sales Elavon
Megan Heinze Elavon
Mia Huntington Vice President, 3rd Party Sales Canada Elavon
Jeremy Krahl Market Development Director Elavon
Brian Mahony Chief Strategy Officer Elavon
David McAlhaney SVP – N.A. 3rd Party General Manager Elavon
Mary Meade-Koslen VP Corporate Risk and Compliance Elavon
Wally Mlynarski VP, Mobile Commerce Solutions Elavon
Kimberly Phipps Sr. Director Southeast Region Elavon
Bob Skattum President of Fidano Elavon
Dana Stone Director, External Communications Elavon
Brian Strodtbeck Support Manager Elavon
Steven Velasquez MSP Porfolio Manager Elavon
Cori White Senior Event Manager Elavon
Guy Harris President- North America Elavon Merchant Services
Kevin Sorkin Senior Director – Western Region Elavon Merchant Services
Natalie Wilson Marketing Elavon Merchant Services
Brian Price MSP Relationships Elavon, Inc
Eric Alexander Help Desk Manager Electronic Merchant Systems
John Deluga Business Development Electronic Merchant Systems
Denise Fox Product Development Manager Electronic Merchant Systems
Trey Greer Sales Electronic Merchant Systems
Louis LaMarca Agent Relationship Manager Electronic Merchant Systems
Dan Neistadt CEO President Electronic Merchant Systems
Merrell Sheehan Product Development Electronic Merchant Systems
Merrell Sheehan EVP Electronic Merchant Systems
Matthew Shepard EVP, Agent Channel Electronic Merchant Systems
Bismark Sleibi Director of Marketing Electronic Merchant Systems
Del Baker Director, Membership & Marketing Electronic Transactions Association
Heather Francis Elevate Funding
Lee Frangos VP Operations Elite Merchant Solutions
Justin Milmeister President & CEO Elite Merchant Solutions
Paul Rasidakis Vice President, Operations Elite Merchant Solutions
Jason Rosales Director of Inside Sales Elite Merchant Solutions
Paul England Chairman/CEO Elmhurst
Susan Swei Manager, Point of Sales Systems Elo Touch Solutions
Ernest Rolfson Emdeon
Chris Wyatt Executive Vice President Emdeon
CHRIS KELLY PRESIDENT Emerald Business Solutions, LLC
Jennifer Kelly Member Emerald Business Solutions, LLC
David Silverton CEO & Co-Founder
Blair Thomas Director of ISO Channel
Luis Gonzalez Head of US Underwriting eMerchantPay Corporation
Karl Persaud Director of Business Development eMerchantPay Corporation
Rene Diaz National Accounts & Channel Sales eMobilePOS
Ken McHugh President EMS Merchant Services
Kenneth Reilly Member EMS/Tax Cloud
Edward Levene President Energy Advantage, Inc.
Brian Booth Enroll & Pay
Alexander Harris Enroll & Pay
Siddharth Arora ePaisa Services (New India Bank)
Sherry Seetram Principal ePay Consulting Services
Michael Dinnen Chief Executive Officer ePayData, Inc.
Whitney Giuffra SVP ePayData, Inc.
Chris Reckert President & CEO ePaymentAmerica
Rudy Romeiro Chief Technology and Innovation Officer ePaymentAmerica
Robert MacColl ePayService
Matthias Gabler Director of International Sales EPGBill
Shay Smith SR Portfolio Manager Epicor
Marco Leardini President EpicPay
David Rounds COO EpicPay
Kris Brown Sales Channel Development Manager eProcessing Network, LLC
Corey Collins IT Manager eProcessing Network, LLC
Todd Nestor Sales Channel Development Manager eProcessing Network, LLC
Bruce Shirey SVP Business Development eProcessing Network, LLC
Steve Sotis President eProcessing Network, LLC
David Rubin CEO eProdigy
Brian Stulman Executive Vice President eProdigy Financial
Patrick Corrales Epson America, Inc.
Linda Fitzpatrick Epson America, Inc.
Riley Glowatch Executive Team Leader, Human Resources Epson America, Inc.
Jonathan Humphreys Epson America, Inc.
Tom Kettell North America Sales Manager, Retail/Hospitality and Financial Markets, Business Systems Group Epson America, Inc.
Nadia Kozak Business Development Manager – Financial Solutions Epson America, Inc.
Mina Lee Epson America, Inc.
Brad Miller Epson America, Inc.
Dave Murphy Strategic Alliances Manager Epson America, Inc.
Amir Najari Epson America, Inc.
Gwen Nguyen Demand Generation and Marketing Automation Supervisor Epson America, Inc.
Chris Nickel Epson America, Inc.
Rahn Rampton Epson America, Inc.
Rebekah Street Tradeshow & Events Coordinator Epson America, Inc.
Linda Sudderth Southern Territory Sales Manager Epson America, Inc.
Jacob Way Epson America, Inc.
Richard Batto Equinox Payments
Rebecca Brisson Sales Executive Equinox Payments
Norman Castner Product Manager Equinox Payments
Stephanie DeLeve VP Sales Major Accounts Equinox Payments
Richard Gooderham Equinox Payments
Drazen Ivanovic CEO Equinox Payments
Megan Quinn Sales Executive Equinox Payments
Stuart Taylor Chief Product Officer Equinox Payments
Rishank Baweja President Eschelon Financial Group, LLC
Jesse Dominguez C.O.O Eschelon Financial Group, LLC
Amy Gitlin President ESD, Inc.
Harvey Gitlin Chief Executive Officer ESD, Inc.
Serge Kolomets Engineer ESD, Inc.
Mark Riley Eseye
Kristian Linderman E-tab
Jeff Stein E-tab
Nicholas Cramer Sales Director, North America Ethoca
Kristjan Gjura Sales Director Ethoca
Mark Standfield Director of Channel Sales Ethoca
Ray Yip VP Development eThor
Gary Ziegler eThor
Andrew Hall Executive Director ETI-NET
Rafael Angarita Business Development Everest Business Funding
Lewis Carness Director of Business Development Everest Business Funding
Scott Crockett Manager of Underwriting Everest Business Funding
Lisandro Franky Business Development Everest Business Funding
Tacey Parks CFO Everest Business Funding
Ericka Underwood Everest Business Funding
Denise Doherty Sales EVO
Kevin Lavigne Sales EVO
Antonio Romano Sales EVO
Mary Wallis ISO Director EVO
Jeff Burke Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Kevin Canada Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Jon Courtemanche Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Derek Cyr Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Melanie Gonzalez Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Patrick Hayes EVO Payments International, LLC
Kevin Lambrix Chief Operating Officer EVO Payments International, LLC
Peter Osberg Senior Vice President EVO Payments International, LLC
Jim Raftice Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Greg Robertson Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Jeffrey Rosenblatt President EVO Payments International, LLC
Richard Ross Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Brett Sturm Sales EVO Payments International, LLC
Suzanne Van Laar EVO Payments International, LLC
Matt Bullock CEO eWAY
Jason Jeffries Developer eWAY
Joel Symmans CXO eWAY
Bilun Chen ExaDigm, Inc.
Tony Dabbene President ExaDigm, Inc.
Maribel Davis Director of Sales ExaDigm, Inc.
Zhaoyu Ding ExaDigm, Inc.
Bill Gao Vice President ExaDigm, Inc.
Rosalie Krondak ExaDigm, Inc.
Patricia Soto VP ExaDigm, Inc.
Weidong Tong ExaDigm, Inc.
Min Yang Director ExaDigm, Inc.
Megan Flynn Excentus Corporation
Ted Palesky VP Payments Excentus Corporation
Kyle Moys President ExecuTech Lease Group
Steve Beveridge Expansion Capital Group LLC
Matt Patterson Investor Expansion Capital Group LLC
Scott Vickers President ExpiTrans Inc.
Tanya Castle Director, Reseller Development Ezic, Inc.
Dana Cronkhite Executive Assistant Ezic, Inc.
Chelsea King Marketing Manager Ezic, Inc.
Kyle Larson Account Executive Ezic, Inc.
Nick Terlap Business Development Mgr Ezic, Inc.
Gregory Gotimer Facebook
Satya Yenigalla FacialNetwork
Alden Pelker Intelligence Analyst FBI
David Lott Payments Risk Expert Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Dan Gonzalez Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Siobhan O’Malley Industry Relations Representative Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
R David L Campbell CEO FedTax (TaxCloud)
Christopher Clark Head of Global Sales & Relationship Management Feedzai
Loc Nguyen CMO Feedzai
Nuno Sebastiao CEO Feedzai
James Li Vice President Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
ZHONG HUA LI Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
Tibi Zhang International Business Director Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
Xiangqi Zheng Vice President Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
Yohei Ichikawa Felica Networks, Inc.
Benjamin Weiser CEO Fidelity Payment Services
Yanky Weiss CTO Fidelity Payment Services
Mark Dunn President Field Guide Enterprises, LLC
Adam Garrett President & Chief Sales Officer Fifth Manhattan
David Stuntz Director of Sales Fifth Manhattan
laurent beuchotte FIME
Francois Gaignard Business Development Manager Fime
Romain Ilardi Account Manager FIME
Claire Techer Account Manager FIME
Aaron Frank CEO Final
Stephanie Brooker Director Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Patrick Giblin Consultant Financial Service Solutions
Steve McLaughlin Managing Partner Financial Technology Partners
Greg Smith Managing Director Financial Technology Partners
Miguel Uria Director Financial Technology Partners
Sarah Mishkin San Francisco correspondent Financial Times
Kurt Matis CEO Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (FTNI)
Zac Robinson Director of Marketing Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (FTNI)
Jake Spurgeon Director, Sales Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (FTNI)
Michael Liquornik President Fin-Serv Advisors, Inc.
Robert Boxberger Finsphere Corporation
Mike Buhrmann Chief Executive Officer Finsphere Corporation
Steve Bohn FireHost
Jason Coleman FireHost
Chase Cunningham FireHost
Kurt Hagerman FireHost
Noah Knippa FireHost
Jim Laccabue FireHost
Nathan Skinner Account Executive FireHost
Debra Bradford President & Chief Financial Officer First American Payment Systems
Shawn Dalton Director of Sales, Strategic Partnerships First American Payment Systems
Brian Dorchester Senior Vice President, Operations First American Payment Systems
Sarah Guckes Vice President, Marketing First American Payment Systems
Ray Kenney First American Payment Systems
Don Kissock Director of Client Relations First American Payment Systems
Mike Lawrence CIO First American Payment Systems
John Newton VP of Sales, Strategic Partnerships First American Payment Systems
Ross Paup Manager, Strategic Partnerships First American Payment Systems
Neil Randel Chief Executive Officer and Chairmain of the Board First American Payment Systems
Rick Rizenbergs Senior Vice President & Senior Sales Strategist First American Payment Systems
Nikkola Samuels Marketing Coordinator First American Payment Systems
Matt Thomas Manager, Strategic Partnerships First American Payment Systems
Jeff Willingham Director of Product Development First American Payment Systems
Lawrence Berlin Vice President First Analysis
Scott Calliham Principal First Annapolis Consulting, Inc.
Raymond Carter Principal First Annapolis Consulting, Inc.
Nick Kaw Senior Analyst First Annapolis Consulting, Inc.
Hiram Hernandez Jr. Owner First Capital Payments
Christine Curzio Chief Operating Officer First Card Merchant Services
Joseph Vaknen CEO First Class Advance
Mike Apgar Director, sales Operations First Data
Cindy Armine-Klein First Data
Kwiyoung Baumgarten Communications Manager First Data
Charles Bishota Regional Business Director First Data
Frank Bisignano CEO First Data
George Bowen Director Business Development First Data
Vickie Brown First Data
Michael Bugno Senior Marketing Manager First Data
Larry Carlisle Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager First Data
Lori Carney VP – ISO Portfolio First Data
Rainier Cendana First Data
Dan Charron First Data
Fermin Chavaria VP, Industry Analyst Relations First Data
Rishi Chhabra Vice President First Data
Guy Chiarello President First Data
Tal Clark SVP, Global Product Sales First Data
Colleen Cleary Vice President First Data
Andrew Cohen VP, Finance First Data
Dave Cunningham VP Sales First Data
Carlos Dafonte Director, Business Development First Data
Darrell Dick Director, Global Creative Operations First Data
Peter Donat Head of New Ventures First Data
Wes Drake Vice President First Data
John Elkins Chairman FD International First Data
Ashton Eller West Regional Sales Manager First Data
Brenna Ellis Product Manager First Data
Briana Fichtner Executive Assistant First Data
Tania Garcia VP, Marketing First Data
Tania Garcia VP, Marketing First Data
Gretchen Garrigues Chief Marketing Officer First Data
Brian Goudie SVP, North American Acquiring First Data
Avion Gray Product Director First Data
Jeff Hack SVP, Product Mgmt and Client Solutions First Data
Curt Hopfenbeck Regional Business Director First Data
Kathleen Houseman Relationship Manager First Data
Alexis Jensen Project Leader First Data
Marvin Karp Vice President, Bank Clearing Compliance First Data
Peter Karpas SVP, Merchant Suite First Data
Tod Kellen Regional Business Director First Data
Lyndon Keyes Merchant Sales Operations First Data
Robert Kilgore Regional Business Manager First Data
Josh King First Data
Paul Kleinschnitz SVP, Cyber Security Solutions First Data
Paul Kleinschnitz SVP, Cyber Security Solutions First Data
Brian Kobler RSD First Data
Steven Koller Director, Strategic Partnerships First Data
Jan Koors VP, Global Event Marketing First Data
Ryan Kosarek Regional Business Director First Data
Mike LaGoe Regional Business Director First Data
Jay Lane Global Event Marketing First Data
Mike Larrabee Regional Business Developer First Data
Christine Larsen First Data
Matt Lee Head of SMB First Data
Vini Letteri First Data
Dion Lisle VP First Data
CJ MacDonald Co-Founder First Data
Krish Mantripragada SVP Information & Analytics Solutions First Data
Barbara Marx SVP Payments Compliance First Data
Loretta Matthews Regional Business Director First Data
Barry McCarthy President, Financial Services First Data
Kelly Mendenhall First Data
Cynthia Mendez Inside Sales Manager First Data
Angelic Moxley Sr. Event Manager First Data
Mark Murphy VP, Communications & Corporate Affairs First Data
Lou Napolitano Manager First Data
Svy Nekrasas VP, Marketing First Data
Erik Nicholson First Data
John Nicola Head of US eCommerca Sales First Data
Dan O’Connell Leader, Client Solutions Global Leasing, TASQ, Cash Advance Sales First Data
Emmanuel Oni Sales Representative First Data
Holly O’Shea Product Analyst First Data
Holly Patterson Regional Business Director First Data
Seth Perlman VP, Strategy First Data
Joseph Pisciotta SVP, General Manager First Data
Joe Plumeri Vice Chairman First Data
Randi Potasky Leader Lg Geographic/Industry First Data
Kevin Race First Data
Claudia Raigoza Product Analyst First Data
Krystle Ramlan Account Manager First Data
OB Rawls SVP ISO Client Sales First Data
Ben Rewis VP of Digital Commerce First Data
David Ridenour Director, Product Management First Data
Tyler Roberts Director Product/Channel Marketing First Data
Eric Rosenthan Director First Data
Chris Schwanz VP of ISO Clients First Data
Denise Singleton Account Manager First Data
Stacia Smith Regional Business Director First Data
Peter Soder Finance Manager First Data
Tony Spurlock Implementation Manager First Data
Melanie Stanton Executive Assistant First Data
Jennifer Street Sr. Event Manager First Data
Denise Sumner Regional Business Director First Data
Claudia Susinno Sales Manager First Data
Denise Tahali ISO National Sales Vice President First Data
Joe Tong Director of Marketing, Distribution Systems First Data
Mary Uslander Product Management, SVP First Data
Trace Ussery Director of Product Development First Data
Laurie Wandzilak VP Business Development First Data
Braden Williams CTO First Data
Christian Wilson VP of Global Security First Data
Genie Woods Event Manager First Data
Eva Yang First Data
Mike Young Director First Data
Martin Sass VP – ISO Product First Data Merchant Services
William Sutton CPP First Merchant Card Services LLC
Barry Gideon Vice President First National Bank of Omaha
Kala Tomjack VP, Acquirer Legal & Risk First National Bank of Omaha
Tom Nguyen COO, CTO First National Financial Corporation
dan pham CFO First National Financial Corporation
Trish Pham President First National Financial Corporation
Blaine Ross Sr. Sales Executive First National Technology Solutions
Dennis Feterl VP Treasury Services First PREMIER Bank
Michael Kaiser VP Treasury Services First PREMIER Bank
Ralo Flores Sales Manager FirstCard Merchant Services
Cherie Fuzzell President & Chief Executive Officer FirstView, LLC
Brian Beacom SVP Merchant Services Products FIS
Scott Cordella Business Development Manager FIS
Dan Kovach FIS
Andrew Gray Director of Sales Engineering Fiverun
Mikko Hagelberg Product Manager Fiverun
Christian Litsch VP of Business Development Fiverun
Fabian Oliva CEO Fiverun
Mika Uehara Sr. Director, Market and Channel Development Fiverun
Paul Moon Head of Business Development FiveStars
Brad Bernstein CEO and President Flexshopper LLC
Marc Malaga EVP Operations Flexshopper LLC
Greg Goldfarb Flint
Mike Rokovich Head of Engagement Marketing Flint Mobile
Jeff Williams Flint Mobile
Steve Croth CEO FlipGive
Terry McLoughlin FLYPOS
Bryan Ansley President FNB Merchants, LLC
Tahir Bhatti CEO Focus Merchant Services LLC
Sandeep Menon V P Focus Merchant Services LLC
Rajil Vohra CEO Focus Merchant Services LLC
Stephen Aschettino Partner Foley & Lardner
Jerry Huskins CEO Fonteva
Evan Brown Business Development Account Executive Fora Financial
Jacklynn Manning Chief Marketing Officer Fora Financial
Zach Steinberg Sales Manager Fora Financial
Kashmir Hill Senior Online Editor Forbes
Robert Hof Contributor Forbes
Kate Vinton Tech Reporter Forbes
Jeremy Gardner Director of Operations/Business Development Forecast Foundation
Rachel Barnes Marketing Coordinator Forte Payment Systems
Preston Glenn Senior Account Executive, Strategic Partner Development Forte Payment Systems
Jim Hayes Strategic Sales Executive Forte Payment Systems
Robert Henebry Relationship Manager- Strategic Partner Development Forte Payment Systems
Jeffrey Kump Chief Financial and Operating Officer Forte Payment Systems
Rolando Navarro Strategic Partner Sales Executive Forte Payment Systems
Craig Raney Strategic Sales Executive Forte Payment Systems
Rodney Adams Vice President – ISO Operations ForwardLine Financial
Pushkar Choudhuri CFO ForwardLine Financial
Craig Coleman CEO ForwardLine Financial
Sam Haber Syndication Specialist/Business Development ForwardLine Financial
David Leibovitch Sales Director ForwardLine Financial
David Teichner Chief Revenue Officer ForwardLine Financial
John James III Founder & President Four Corner Payments
Dwayne Jones Founder & CEO Four Corner Payments
Tom Epstein CEO Franchise Payments Network
Thomas Harrington Senior Vice President of Sales Franchise Payments Network
Peter Christodoulo Francisco Partners
Lisa Howard Director of Account Services frank. strategic marketing
Kevin Mendizabal Underwriter Frates Insurance & Risk Management, LLC
Thomas Mulligan Vice President Frates Insurance & Risk Management, LLC
Katie Mansfield Director of Marketing Frontline Processing Corp
Courtney Ross Internal Auditor Frontline Processing Corp
Kyle Griswold Principal FTV Capital
Chris Winship Partner FTV Capital
Ted Fuller Managing Director FullPayment
Kristal Cristino Product Manager Fulton Financial Corporation
Colin Kaye Senior Executive Vice President Fulton Financial Corporation
Bruce Rhoads VP – Product Strategy and Portfolio Management Fulton Financial Corporation
Ronjohn Dadd Business Development Funding Circle
Molly McGowan Relationship Manager Funding Circle
Phillip Buck Sales Executive Fundtech
Aaron Kinney Product Manager Fundtech
Joni Floyd COO Future Payment Technologies, LP
Sunnye Goldston Sr. Director, Product Development Future Payment Technologies, LP
Chad Smith CEO Future Payment Technologies, LP
Bob Stephens CTO Future Payment Technologies, LP
John Giles President Future POS
Steve Pritchard VP of Sales Future POS
Adam Cason Director of Product Marketing Futurex
Rusty Howard Solutions Architect Futurex
Ryan Smith Chief Solutions Architect Futurex
Greg Stone Sr. Solutions Architect Futurex
Jackie Burke Director of Enterprise Sales G2 Web Services
Robert Caldwell Managing Partner G2 Web Services
Chris Castaldini Director of Enterprise Sales G2 Web Services
Stephen Clendaniel Inside Sales Manager G2 Web Services
Dan Frechtling Product & Marketing G2 Web Services
Dan Frechtling Product & Marketing G2 Web Services
Allison Guidette CEO G2 Web Services
Gunawan Herri VP of Technology and CIO G2 Web Services
David Landis VP of Global Sales G2 Web Services
Matt Ward-Steinman VP of Solutions Development G2 Web Services
Travis Hull CEO G6 Technology
Gerard DE MOURA President Galitt US
Mike Delagrange SVP Business Development Galitt US
Todd Fisch COO Gateway Capital Corp
Bobby Findlay GB Frank/Romo Durable Graphics
Valerie Riggio Account Executive GB Frank/Romo Durable Graphics
John Konop President GBR Funding
Greg Gooslin President GCG Consulting, Inc.
Jaime Cochran Security Engineer Gem
James Larisch Engineer Intern Gem
Dustin Laurence Senior Engineer Gem
Joshua Lederman Head of Product Gem
Jay McClow Systems Engineer Gem
Ken Miller COO Gem
Bez Reyhan Engineer GEM
Matt Smith Senior Engineer Gem
Julian Vergel de Dios Senior Engineer Gem
Micah Winkelspecht Founder, CEO Gem
Melissa Yee Community Evangelist Gem
Prateek Alsi Principal General Catalyst Partners
Bryan Eovaldi President General Credit Forms, Inc.
Sherry Friedrichsen Western Regional Sales Manager General Credit Forms, Inc.
Jim McCormick Midwest Regional Sales Manager General Credit Forms, Inc.
Gary Payne National Sales Manager General Credit Forms, Inc.
Josh Koepsell Senior Technical Engineer GEOBRIDGE Corporation
Kevin Vaughn Financial Examiner Georgia Department of Banking
Matt Kaefer Business Development Manager GEOSWIFT US INC
Carol Ann Korpi VP of Sales GEOSWIFT US INC
Dana Nino General Manager GEOSWIFT US INC
Fatima Bottameli Gertec Brasil Ltda
Wilton Brito Services Manager Gertec Brasil Ltda
Dalia Pereira Gertec Brasil Ltda
Jorge Ribeiro Gertec Brasil Ltda
Melissa Brown Chief Executive Officer Giact Systems, Inc.
Robert McAlear VP National Sales & Communications Giact Systems, Inc.
John Stallings VP Sales Giact Systems, Inc.
Cory Perkins GiftFly
Janardhan L VP Business Development & Client Relationships Girmiti Software Pvt Ltd
Sanjeev Patil CEO Girmiti Software Pvt Ltd
Derick Brol General Manager Girocheck Financial, Inc.
jaime jaramillo Girocheck Financial, Inc.
George Peabody Partner Glenbrook Partners
Allen Weinberg Managing Partner Glenbrook Partners
Lee Bond Global Electronic Technology, Inc.
Ken Spira VP, Revenue Management/OPS Global Electronic Technology, Inc.
Jordan Stewart Office Manager Global Electronic Technology, Inc.
Christopher Dryden Managing Partner Global Legal Resources, LLP
James Huber Partner Global Legal Resources, LLP
Eric Becker Executive Relationship Manager Global Payments Inc.
Jenny Biddy Director, Product Development Global Payments Inc.
Hank Boughner President, Global Solutions Global Payments Inc.
Cameron Bready CFO Global Payments Inc.
Jeff Burke SVP, Global Business Development Global Payments Inc.
Sue Crowley Global Payments Inc.
Jane Elliott EVP and Chief of Staff Global Payments Inc.
David Green EVP, General Counsel and Secretary Global Payments Inc.
Michael Hord TPA Executive Relationship Manager Global Payments Inc.
Karen Liberto Vice President, TPA Operations Global Payments Inc.
David Mangum Senior Executive Vice President, CFO Global Payments Inc.
Vincent Perrelli Chief Credit & Operations Officer Global Payments Inc.
Jay Rising President US Global Payments Inc.
Karen Rowe Senior Product Manager, Mobile Global Payments Inc.
Jeffrey Sloan CEO Global Payments Inc.
Tanya Stanley Executive Assistant Global Payments Inc.
Joshua Whipple Advisor Global Payments Inc.
Jayme Amirie CEO Global Payroll Gateway
Ron Delaughter Global Recruiters of Southlake
Kevin Atwood Senior Consultant Global Vision Group
Tom Layman President/CEO Global Vision Group
Jim Tingey CAO-CCO Globe One
Mike Shami Pres GMSI
Brian Cafferty CEO & Co-Founder Go4Payments
Christopher Gravagna CMO
Brady Waite gocashless corp
Sandeep Grover Sr. Director Product Management GoDaddy
Chris Hooper Vice President Golden Gate Capital
Jake Mizrahi Managing Director Golden Gate Capital
Mitchell Levy Chief Operating Officer Golden Pear Merchant Capital LLC
Joseph Volpe Chief Operating Officer Golden Pear Merchant Capital LLC
Naomi Mastera Chief Operation Officer/President Golden Sand Entertainment LLC
Taylor Mefford Vice President Goldman Sachs
James Schneider Vice President Goldman Sachs
Daniel Hayes CEO/ Founder GoodLabs
Lauren Burley Strategic Partner Manager Google
Carol Grunberg Head, Payments Partner Management Google
Steven Klebe Head of Business Development Google
Ric Bunger Executive Member Gov-Pay
Brenda Pacheco CP Product Manager Granite Payment Alliance
Wayne Keddy CEO Granite Payment Alliance LLC
Dan Price CEO Gravity Payments
Cliff Gray Principal Gray Consulting
Nicholas Cayer Principal Great Hill Partners
Lily He Associate Great Hill Partners
Matthew Vettel Managing Partner Great Hill Partners
Chris Ruback GREENLEAF
Michael Fox VP of Sales Group ISO, Inc.
Michael Segura CEO Group ISO, Inc.
Jesse Berger COO GrowCap, LLC
Oscar DiVeroli CEO GrowCap, LLC
Debra LeJeune President GrowCap, LLC
Dan Christian Manager, Electronic Payment Systems Growmark, Inc.
Erika Curtis Project Analyst, Electronic Payment Systems Growmark, Inc.
Julie Whittenburg Merchant Support Coordinator, EPS Growmark, Inc.
Brian Bartos Business Development GRP Funding, LLC
John D’Amico Managing Director GRP Funding, LLC
Daniel Eastman Founder GRP Funding, LLC
Ray Felts National Accounts Manager GRP Funding, LLC
Gerald Filardi National Accounts Manager GRP Funding, LLC
Michael Gamble GRP Funding, LLC
Kathleen Stanley GRP Funding, LLC
Walter Vera GRP Funding, LLC
Mike O’Shaughnessy President Guardian Pro
Jaret Seiberg Washington Research Group Guggenheim Securities LLC
Andrey Vakhovskiy H.I.G. Capital
Calvin Bae Sales Manager Hanasis Co. Ltd.
Jinha Hwang Sales Associate Hanasis Co. Ltd.
Michael Kim Marketing Director Hanasis Co. Ltd.
Rodney Farmer Handpoint
David Gudjonsson Co-Founder, CEO Handpoint
Jody Muehlegger Head of US Operations Handpoint
Lara Nugent Global Sales Handpoint
Thordur Thorarinsson Co-Founder, CFO Handpoint
Sean Berg National Sales Trainer Harbortouch
Jon Brandon VP, Channel Sales Harbortouch
George Chadwick CFO Harbortouch
Jim Clippard Director Harbortouch
Suzanne Davis Director, Reseller Channel Harbortouch
Brian Fitzgerald National Sales Manager Harbortouch
Jordan Frankel General Counsel & Senior Vice President Harbortouch
Nate Hirshberg Marketing Director Harbortouch
Donald Isaacman President Harbortouch
Jared Isaacman CEO Harbortouch
Sandy Isaacman n/a Harbortouch
Brian Jones EVP, Sales & Marketing Harbortouch
Brendan Lauber CTO Harbortouch
Rich Lopez National Sales Manager Harbortouch
Maxwell Sinovoi National Sales Manager Harbortouch
Mike Ward EVP, Operations Harbortouch
Kirk Nellis President Harley Financial Services, Inc.
Kirk Nellis President Harley Financial Services, Inc.
Lance Nakamura VP, Product Development HCIH
David Francione Managing Director Headwaters MB
Robert Baldwin Vice Chairman Heartland Payment Systems
Larry Beck Director – Heartland Billing Solutions Heartland Payment Systems
Robert Carr CEO & Chairman Heartland Payment Systems
Michael English Executive Director Heartland Payment Systems
Jackie Garden Director, Compliance Heartland Payment Systems
Anne Gordon Executive Director Heartland Payment Systems
Randall Ison Manager of Purchasing and Inventory Heartland Payment Systems
Charles Kallenbach General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer Heartland Payment Systems
Mariana Lamson SVP Heartland Payment Systems
Conan Lane Chief of Operations Heartland Payment Systems
Michael Lawler President-Strategic Markets Group Heartland Payment Systems
Sarah McCrary Director – Strategic Planning Heartland Payment Systems
Martin Moretti Chief Service Officer Heartland Payment Systems
Georgia Stavrakis Director of Loss Prevention Heartland Payment Systems
Christopher Weiss Product Strategy & Development Heartland Payment Systems
Samir Zabaneh CFO Heartland Payment Systems
Shandra Stout Counsel Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.
Nicolas Beique Founder Helcim Inc.
Carl Moody Executive Vice President Higginbotham & Associates
Fiona Walshe High Risk Holdings LLC
Scott Larson Highline Capital
Rushi Patel COO Homebase
John Waldmann CEO Homebase
Robert Hyer Managing Director Houlihan Lokey
Bruce Urbanek Senior Vice President Houlihan Lokey
Michael Nguyen HP
Leonard Garcia Director of Business Development Humboldt Merchant Services
Lori Morettini VP Humboldt Merchant Services
Robert Cohen Director of Sales I Love Velvet Inc.
Arnaud Laverdure Senior VP of Operation Intl. I Love Velvet Inc.
Greg Daily CEO i3 Verticals
Peter Gatof EVP i3 Verticals
Joe Jorling COO i3 Verticals
Rick Stanford EVP i3 Verticals
Jeff White i3 Verticals
Alberto Jimenez Program Director Mobile Payments IBM Corporation
Chris McNabb President and CEO iClassPro
Peter Charland Regional Sales Manager ID TECH Products
Eric Lecesne Vice President of Sales ID TECH Products
Woan Rou Ning Product Manager ID TECH Products
James Wester Head of Research for Global Payments IDC
Martyn Williams Senior Correspondent IDC
James Muller Chief Revenue Officer Identity Fraud, Inc.
Thomas Widman President & CEO Identity Fraud, Inc.
Geo Coelho Product Marketing & Outbound Communications IdentityMind Global
Garrett Gafke President & CEO IdentityMind Global
Linda Mahy Senior Vice President, Strategy & Communications IdentityMind Global
Mark Quesenberry Head of Sales & Business Development IdentityMind Global
Neal Reiter Product Manager IdentityMind Global
John Sellazzo Vice President, Sales & Business Development IDG
Sean Ellis Sales Idology
Peg Brown E-Pay Manager of Operations for State and Local Government Programs IL State Treasurer’s Office
Andy Schacht E-Pay Manager of Technical Support and Development IL State Treasurer’s Office
Martin Khemmoro CEO iMerchant Solutions
Marc Badalucco Director, Issuing and Alternative Payments IMPACT Payments Recruiting
Brian Blume Director Merchant Services IMPACT Payments Recruiting
Curt Hensley CEO IMPACT Payments Recruiting
Marc Keller Director Merchant Acquiring IMPACT Payments Recruiting
Tannon McCaleb Driector Recruiting IMPACT Payments Recruiting
Liz Pike Director of Recruiting IMPACT Payments Recruiting
Michael Foy President IMPS
Paul Marsolan CTO/Co-Founder InAuth
Nancy Yates Director Of Global Partnerships InAuth
Sam Ibrahim Risk and Underwriting Manager InChek, LLC
Stephanie Siclari Vice President InChek, LLC
Ron Barker On-Line Strategies Services, LLC InComm
Dave Bergert InComm
Phil Graves InComm
Todd Hemphill Director – Third Party Relationships InComm
Terry Richards InComm
Billy Terrell Director of Sales InComm
Tom McCole Infinite Peripherals, Inc.
Naomi Westhoff Business Development & Marketing Infinite Peripherals, Inc.
Kevin Walter Vice President, Regional Sales Infintech
Doug Biggs Chief Technology Officer InfoGard
Joy Anderson Client Service Specialist Infogroup Targeting Solutions (formerly INfogroup/Salesgenie)
Sophia Husseini Sales Engineer Infogroup Targeting Solutions (formerly INfogroup/Salesgenie)
Dale Medinger VP/GM Infogroup Targeting Solutions (formerly INfogroup/Salesgenie)
John Schendt Senior Account Manager Infogroup Targeting Solutions (formerly INfogroup/Salesgenie)
Kaitlin Ambrogio Corporate Communications Manager Ingenico Group
Rhonda Boardman VP Business Development Acquiring Channel Ingenico Group
Tara Brown Director of Program Management Ingenico Group
Angie Burnett Sales Engineer Manager Ingenico Group
Tracey Capranica Account Manager Ingenico Group
Karen Carnahan Relationship Manager, US Acquiring Ingenico Group
Joseph Cherubini Network Engineeer Ingenico Group
Thierry Denis President Ingenico Group
Suzan Denoncourt VP Sales & Business Development Ingenico Group
Howard Finch Manager, US Channel Sales Ingenico Group
Alan Forgione VP of US Acquirer Sales Ingenico Group
Judy Foster Sales Executive, US Acquirer Sales Ingenico Group
Bernie Frey Senior Vice President – Acquirer Sales Ingenico Group
Richard Giannini VP, Product Development Ingenico Group
Scott Goldthwaite SVP, Operations Ingenico Group
Chris Grantham Account Executive Ingenico Group
Gail Griffin Director – Retail Solutions Ingenico Group
Mike Hackney EVP of Sales Ingenico Group
Kristin Harvey-Bryson Sales Account Manager Ingenico Group
Scott Holt VP of Marketing Ingenico Group
Rod Hometh SVP Market Development Ingenico Group
Pier Iberti Business Development Manager Ingenico Group
Michelle Jordan VP, US Acquirer Sales Ingenico Group
Mathilde Kozar Marketing Intern Ingenico Group
Phillippe Lazare Chairman and CEO Ingenico Group
Michel Leger EVP Innovation Ingenico Group
Bob Leonard CEO Ingenico Group
Greg Leos General Manager, North America Ingenico Group
Deb McAteer VP, US Acquirer Sales Ingenico Group
Barrie Mershon Marketing Communications Specialist Ingenico Group
Danielle Millberry Sales Engineer Ingenico Group
Bob Morrow Sales/Operations Ingenico Group
Thomas Muir Alliances Manager Ingenico Group
AJ Philippakis Co-Founder Ingenico Group
Melanie Pino Sales Account Manager – U.S. Acquirer Ingenico Group
Zach Pramer Business Development Associate Ingenico Group
Pierre Quentin Director, Innovation and Technologies Ingenico Group
Patricia Reed Account Management Director Ingenico Group
Igor Sajenko Development Manager Ingenico Group
Gerald Schoenecker Product Manager Ingenico Group
Chris Smith Sales Engineer Ingenico Group
Vish Talreja Co-Founder Ingenico Group
Pierre Tehrany CTO Ingenico Group
Rachel Texeira Director of Marketing Ingenico Group
Shawn Vela Ingenico Group
Michael Welch East Coast Sales Director – Global Collect Ingenico Group
Sabrina Wong Photographer Ingenico Group
Chris Dismukes Ingenico Mobile Solutions
Paul Doherty Sales Director Ingenico Mobile Solutions
Scott Kaplan Vice President, Strategic Accounts Ingenico Mobile Solutions
Angela Kiive VP, Strategic Accounts Ingenico Mobile Solutions
David Szczepanski COO Ingenico Mobile Solutions
Ben Wagner Segment Marketing Manager Ingenico Mobile Solutions
Michael Wilcox VP, Relationship Management Ingenico Mobile Solutions
Dickson Chu EVP Corporate Development & Chief Product Officer Ingo Money
Mo Shamout Business Development Inpayments
Jason Field CEO Instabill Corporation
Chris O’Donnell Instabill Corporation
Sally Punch Instabill Corporation
Sandra Del Zoppo Business Developer InstantAccept
Jacqueline Favara Operations Manager InstantAccept
Jeff Frani InstantAccept
Brent Gephart President InstantAccept
Saul Lekherzak Senior Relationship Manager InstantAccept
Michael Martin InstantAccept
Katherine Santini InstantAccept
Jamieson Vaughan Director of Business Development InstantAccept
Adam Andersen COO Integra Financial Services LLC
Michael Matthews Director of Finance Integra Financial Services LLC
Chris Urry CEO IntegraPay Pty Ltd
Matthew Pohl Director Of Sales Integrity Payment Systems, LLC
Michael Ponder President & Chief Executive Officer Integrity Payment Systems, LLC
Ryan Schneider Program Manager Integrity Payment Systems, LLC
Sang Shin Chief Operating Officer Of The IPS Global Division Integrity Payment Systems, LLC
Clare Toledo Marketing Director Integrity Payment Systems, LLC
Damian Bryson Intel Corporation
thomas calvert Venture Lead Intel Corporation
Rico Cantrell Intel Corporation
Sailesh Chaudhry Intel Corporation
Dieter Cohrs Intel Corporation
Bradley Corrion Platform ARchitect Intel Corporation
Vishram Dalvi Intel Corporation
Doug Davis VP and General Manager of Internet of Things Group Intel Corporation
Gordon Dolfie Intel Corporation
Dale Easter Intel Corporation
Ron Eccleston Intel Corporation
Vanessa Foden Intel Corporation
Viola Frederiksen Administration Intel Corporation
Sudha Gogineni NDG Biz Dev Intel Corporation
Kristel Goijens Intel Corporation
Gary Keyes Senior Design Engineer Intel Corporation
Danielle Mann Intel Corporation
Marcie Miller Intel Corporation
Anand Mudliar Product Manager Intel Corporation
Rachel Mushahwar Intel Corporation
Mike Reed Intel Corporation
Brian Roberts Intel Corporation
Jill Sciarappo Intel Corporation
Dave Singh Intel Corporation
Ron Sluder Director, RSD Software Engineering Intel Corporation
Jeff Snyder Intel Corporation
Emre Takisalp Intel Corporation
Emre Tekisalp NDG Biz Intel Corporation
Brian Teuscher Intel Corporation
Michelle Tinsley Director, Retail Solutions Division Intel Corporation
John Vincent NDG Biz Dev Intel Corporation
John Vincent NDG Biz Dev Intel Corporation
Peter Wolf Event Manager Intel Corporation
Jesus Yepez Intel Corporation
Eric Kuvykin Co-Founder Intelagy
Aaron Sparks Sr. Finance Director Intellectual Ventures
Jorge Solis Business Director Development InterCambio Express, Inc.
Isaac Torres CEO InterCambio Express, Inc.
Jim Haug Sales Manager InterceptEFT
David Iafrate Chairman and CEO International Bancard Corp
Joseph Valentic Chief Financial Officer International Bancard Corp
Eric Grover Principal Intrepid Ventures
Jeffrey Connors Chief Executive Officer Intrix Technology, Inc.
Jan Auerbach Intuit
Gautam Guruprasad Strategic Initiatives Manager Intuit
Yoshi Matsuzawa Intuit
Jessica Virk Communications Manager Intuit
Amit Dhingra Senior Product Manager, Payments Solutions Division Intuit Corp
Geoff Millikan Business Development Intuit Inc.
Raman Walia Pricing Group Manager Intuit Inc.
Mary Buckley Strategic Initiatives Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Joli Chu Group Manager, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Tish Ditson Manager Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Eric Dunn GM/SVP Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Jay Hansen Compliance Officer and Counsel Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Melissa Johnson Underwriting Manager Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Stoyan Kenderov Head of Business Development and Strategy Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Robin Leidenthal Directory, Finance Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Brian Weaver Product Manager Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Billy Yuen Principal Engineer Intuit, Payments and Commerce Solutions
Magid Mina CEO InvisiPay
Charlie Wilson President & CEO IP Commerce
Chris Zook SVP Finance & BD IP Commerce
Ruben Weigand iPay
Aubrey Allen iPayment, Inc.
Greg Cohen President iPayment, Inc.
Monica Dabaghi Director, Product Development iPayment, Inc.
Michelle Daughtry Director Business Development iPayment, Inc.
Gaetano DiMaggio SVP & Head of Operations iPayment, Inc.
Lori Griboski Vice President of Operations/PCS iPayment, Inc.
Shane Hurley Sr. Sales Director iPayment, Inc.
Becky Jensen iPayment, Inc.
Nicole Kemmer Manager Partner Sales iPayment, Inc.
Eric Mayling Director, Independent Sales Groups iPayment, Inc.
Mark Monaco Chief Financial Officer iPayment, Inc.
Ryan O’Connor Senior Vice President Enterprise Business Development iPayment, Inc.
Matt O’Shea EVP – Partnership Development iPayment, Inc.
Christa Shook Senior Vice President of Partner Sales and Support iPayment, Inc.
Shawn Silver NBS VP & Business Unit Head iPayment, Inc.
Nick Sitmalidis Partner Sales iPayment, Inc.
Shannan Slobodnik Director Partner Sales iPayment, Inc.
James Sun Founder & President – Pirq iPayment, Inc.
Jennifer Terril CIO, SVP Information Technology iPayment, Inc.
Phillip Tran Sales iPayment, Inc.
Patrick Castricone Accounts Manager, Nova Scotia iPayNet Corp
Robert Keezer President iPayNet Corp
Doug Braun IPayX
Ronald Ingram CEO IPS Nevada Inc.
Hannah Mitchell Editor IPTV News
Dimitri Akhrin President IRIS CRM
Jaron Ruckman Director of Support IRIS CRM
Dominick Vitolo Principal Security Consultant IRIS CRM
Jason Weinberger Director of Sales IRIS CRM
Tamir Cohen Member Iris Merchant Services
Hope Lerman National Sales Manager ISO & Agent
Mohammed Sh. Al-Rashidi MD & CEO ISYS Group
Charles Ahern President ITS Canada Ltd.
Roi Reuveni COO IVR Logix
Jacques Baudoin Owner/Merchant Advisor J.B. Credit Card Solutions
Ryan O’Shaughnessy President J.R. Credit Inc.
James Kramer Attorney Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, P.C.
Holli Targan Attorney & Partner Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, P.C.
Mary Monahan EVP and Director of Research, Head of Mobile Javelin Strategy & Research
Linda Barth Senior Vice President JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
Kindra Chan JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
Linda Horwath Vice President JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
Tomomi Kozin JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
Robert Sharkey Marketing Manager JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
Dan Skaling SVP JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
Jason Kupferberg Jefferies
Tommaso Zanobini Managing Director Jefferies
Kartik Sudeep Vice President Jefferies LLC
Dan Laferla Director of Sales Jelecos
Peter Davidson Vice Chairman JetPay Corporation
Clint Cantley Director, ISO & VAR Business Development JetPay Payment Services
Ron Carter EVP, Client Relations JetPay Payment Services
Paul Compton EVP, National Sales Manager JetPay Payment Services
Art Porth VP, ISO & VAR Business Development JetPay Payment Services
Trent Voigt President JetPay Payment Services
Anna Bogiatzis Director, Strategic Partnerships JetPay Strategic Partners
Michael Collester JetPay Strategic Partners
Jeff Cummings JNK Securities
Dean Thomas Managing Director JNK Securities
Joe Finizio Consultant Joe Finizio
Michael Hass CEO Jory
Brian Sheridan Jory
Carol Realini CEO Journey
Sandra Badolato Investigator JP Morgan Chase
Ashish Baldua JP Morgan Chase
Denée Carrington VP Business Strategy JP Morgan Chase
Marisa Lynn Director JP Morgan Chase
Donald Shrock Investigator JP Morgan Chase
Avin Arumugam Executive Director JPMorgan Chase
Rick Monroe Owner/Artist JRB inc.
Ryan Gillis Manager, Finance Jumbleberry
Brian Kim CFO Jumbleberry
Devin Persaud Credit Manager Jumbleberry
Brian Hooper Account Executive Jumio
Jeff Land Director Jumio
Pete Steger Business Development Kabbage, Inc.
Justin Williams Business Development Kabbage, Inc.
Raymont Lee Research Analyst KABC-TV
Maximilian Riley Business Consultant Karmic Labs Inc.
Ryan Weidenmiller CEO Karmic Labs Inc.
yehuda folberg manager kedma capital
Steven Kwok Vice President Keefe, Bruyette & Woods
Sanjay Sakhrani Managing Director Keefe, Bruyette & Woods
Si-young Lee KICC
Brian Anderson VP Interactive Media Group Kipany Productions
Angel del Valle VP Marketing Kipany Productions
Mario Marin Sr. VP Kipany Productions
Andrew Weinrich EVP Kipany Productions
Brian Callan Info Security Specialist Kirkpatrick Price
Joseph Kirkpatrick Managing Partner Kirkpatrick Price
David Ames Director of Partnerships Klarna
Marty Aronin VP Of Sales Knight Capital Funding
Shanan Flaxman Director of Operations Knight Capital Funding
Justin Levy Owner Knight Capital Funding
Jennifer Rodriguez ISO Manager Knight Capital Funding
Jay Cho Vice President of Sales KOAMTAC, Inc.
Kevin Conabree Business Development Manager KOAMTAC, Inc.
Clara Lee Sales Manager KOAMTAC, Inc.
Hanjin Lee President/CEO KOAMTAC, Inc.
Tara Lewis Inside Sales Specialist KOAMTAC, Inc.
Benjamin Lyon Director/Vice President of Marketing Kopo Kopo, Inc.
Peggy Lee Director, Business Development KORE Telematics, Inc.
Clay Bradley Regional Sales Kount, Inc
Michael Oaks Regional Sales Kount, Inc
Bill Oglesby Channel Partner Sales Director Kount, Inc
Bill Oglesby Channel Partner Sales Director Kount, Inc
Tammi Mathews KUBRA America West
Brad Barnard Director of Investments La Jolla Cove Investors, Inc.
Theodore Monroe Attorney at Law Law Offices of Theodore Monroe
Steve Horvitz Managing Director Lead Tracking Systems
Brandon Wolfe CEO Leaders Merchant Services
Donald Esposito National Sales Director Leaders Merchant Services, LLC
Will Detterman CEO Leap Payments
Nicolas Bacca CTO Ledger
Thomas France Cofounder & CBO Ledger
Jerome Marin Press Lemonde
Tom Romary VP Strategic Parnterships Lending Club
Paul Rosenfeld Lending Club
Maxim Rokhline Lending Point
Tom Burnside CEO LendingPoint, LLC
Franck Fatras CTO LendingPoint, LLC
Romney Williams VP of Partnerships and Business Development Lendio
Colleen Aranda Director, Digital Marketing LexisNexis
James Cook Director of Product Management LexisNexis
Aaron Press Director, Market Plannin LexisNexis
Edda Rottscheidt Director Market Planning LexisNexis
Linda Spinner Field Account Manager LexisNexis
Minhaj Patel Senior Portfolio Manager LFG
Luis Barreto President LGB Hospitality Inc
Ernie Crews President Liberty Electronic Payment Services, Inc
Jerry Crews Sr Vice President Liberty Electronic Payment Services, Inc
Michal Petrzela Managing Director Lightyear Capital
Scott Hyde Executive Vice President LIMA3 Systems
Stuart McNeill CEO Lions Bay Media
Adam Nothstein VP Business Development Lions Bay Media Inc.
Kim Anderson CEO Longitude Partners, Inc
Will Graylin CEO Loop
Akira Tanaka Loop
George Wallner Chief Technologist Loop
Damien Balsan LoopPay Inc.
Joseph Hunt Principal Low Interest Pros
Fredeslinda Ramirez-Hunt Low Interest Pros
anthony busciglio Loyal 9 Marketing
Alfred Junco Business Developer Lucova
Brooks Harlow Principal Lukas, Nace, Gutierrez & Sachs
Kevin Hoehn CEO Lumen Card Services
Todd Johnson CEO Lumos POS
Brian Miller General Manager Lusis Payments
Georges Schmit Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office
Tom Murphy M&A Capital
Dan Henry M7
John Arato Vice President & GM Retail Solutions MagTek, Inc.
Adriano Canzi Sr. VP Technology Development MagTek, Inc.
Tom Coduto VP, GM OEM Solutions MagTek, Inc.
Bob De Bona National Accounts Sales Manager MagTek, Inc.
Doug Free Vice President, Retail Soultions MagTek, Inc.
Kiran Gandhi Vice President, Business Development MagTek, Inc.
Mimi Hart President & CEO MagTek, Inc.
Peter Hart Director MagTek, Inc.
Greg Hawkins Sales MagTek, Inc.
Ken Kenny National Accounts Sales Manager MagTek, Inc.
Hamid Manesh Vice President, Quality Assurance MagTek, Inc.
Michael Morris Sales MagTek, Inc.
Pete Philomey Sales Development Manager MagTek, Inc.
Victoria Stenberg Sales Director MagTek, Inc.
Lou Struett Executive Vice President MagTek, Inc.
James Maher Owner Maher Consulting
Steve Cook Vice President Sales & Marketing Main Street Softworks, Inc.
Darryl Wright President Main Street Softworks, Inc.
Dana Sills Director of Sales Development Mainstream Merchant Services, Inc.
Carol Van Cleef Partner Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Barrie VanBrackle Partner Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Mark Ericksen Payments Consultant Mantrana Partners
Therese Poletti Senior Columnist MarketWatch
Paul Friday Partner Marlin & Associates
Jim Ackerson marqeta
Eric Bachman marqeta
Omri Dahan marqeta
Jason Gardner Founder / CEO Marqeta
Dorothy Kilroy VP Business Development marqeta
Christina Turkich marqeta
David Farber Mason Capital Management
Michael Baechle Vice President Acquirer Relations MasterCard
Kathyrn Cleary MasterCard
Brennan Gallagher VP, Acquirer Relations MasterCard
Anthony Gracia VP-B@B Acceptance MasterCard
Joel Henckel Vice President MasterCard
Theodore Iacobuzio MasterCard
Zak Khan Mastercard
Valerie Miller Vice President MasterCard
Sarah Quinlan Vice President MasterCard
Thomas Savage Principal MasterCard
John Verdeschi Group Head & Senior Vice President MasterCard
Doug Whitehead Vice President MasterCard
Chiro Aikat Senior Business Leader, US Product Delivery MasterCard Worldwide
Steve Carnevale Group Head/SVP Franchise Development, Reg Licensing, Standards & Bus Enablement MasterCard Worldwide
John Florinis Vice President, Merchant Technology Providers MasterCard Worldwide
Valerie Matusiak Director Merchant Technology Providers MasterCard Worldwide
PJ Yedon Vice President, Account Management MasterCard Worldwide
Adrian Ong
Dana Stalder Matrix Partners
Dan Harrington President MaxGiving
Ken Hill Director Maxwell Paper Canada Inc.
Alvino Bailey Vice President MB Financial Bank
Timothy Broccolo Commercial Group President MB Financial Bank
Jeremy Epstein Assistant Vice President MB Financial Bank
Olivia Lopez Commercial Banking Officer MB Financial Bank
Inba Ponnusamy Senior Vice President MB Financial Bank
Mario Simic McAfee, Inc.
Tim Schmidt CEO MCAG
Sam Wares Vice President MCAG
Andy Shober Chief Sales and Business Development Officer MCX
Don Harrington Medfusion Pay
Steven Peterson VP of Enterprise Architecture Medfusion Pay
Glenn Reph President Medfusion Pay
Vlad Zatulovsky Director MediaBrand
Ofer Saban CTO MemoMi
Kyle Morgan Product Development Mercantile Processing Inc. (MPI)
Michael Bergman Senior Business Development Executive Mercator Advisory Group
Chris Antonsen Merchant Account Solutions
John Kennedy Co-Founder Merchant Account Solutions
Mark Horwedel CEO Merchant Advisory Group
Elle Jameson Vice President of Business Development Merchant Cash and Capital
Evan Kristall VP of Strategy Merchant Cash and Capital
Danielle Olivera Business Analyst Merchant Cash and Capital
Gwen Legendy Business Development Merchant Cash and Capital
Walt Levengood Chief Strategy Officer Merchant Cash and Capital
Stephen Sheinbaum President & CEO Merchant Cash and Capital
Michael Hollis Business Developer Merchant Cash Group
Rean Morse Business Developer Merchant Cash Group
Andrew Roberts Partnership Development Merchant Cash Group
Jonathan Arst CEO Merchant Consulting Group
Scott Holley President, GetPoints, an MCG Company Merchant Consulting Group
Sora Aguilar Account Manager Merchant e-Solutions
Oswald de Perio Sales Manager, North America Merchant e-Solutions
Jodi Durst VP Partner Sales Merchant e-Solutions
Cynthia Parras Account Manager Merchant e-Solutions
Richard Parrott Senior Vice President of Credit & Risk Merchant e-Solutions
Ajit Prasad VP ISO Sales Merchant e-Solutions
Christopher Benabu COO Merchant Industry, LLC
Adam Kobzan Sales Merchant Industry, LLC
Gary Tashlitsky Sales Merchant Industry, LLC
Mary Anderson Director, Business Development Merchant Link LLC
Scott Carcillo Chief Information Officer Merchant Link LLC
Geoff Krieg VP, Product Management Merchant Link LLC
Ed Learned Product Manager Merchant Link LLC
Andrew Saka Director of Business Development Merchant One
Jim Saka President Merchant One
Joseph Saka V.P. of Sales Merchant One
Paul Krueger CEO Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp.
Herb Denmark CEO Merchant Service International, Inc.
Henry Hajirnia Team Lead RSO Merchant Services
Nathan Jurczyk Vice President Merchant Services
James Minor Corporate Operations Manager Merchant Services
Peter Concannon President Merchant Solution International
Erika Cain Administrative VP Merchants Bancard Network
Jerry Cain CEO Merchants Bancard Network
Travis Cain Vice President Merchants Bancard Network
Lee Cazier Merchants Bancard Network
Arlene Jones Vice President of Operations Merchants Bancard Network
Jamin Malimba Regional Manager Merchants Bancard Network
John Wiegand Director of Sales Merchants Capital Access
Sarah Adams Assistant VP, Product Development Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions
Giovanni Diano Chief Financial Officer Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions
Sophia Garza Vice President & General Counsel Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions
Mike Gatewood Chairman of Board of Directors Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions
Larry Jones Sr. Vice President Sales Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions
Todd Linden President and CEO Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions
Rachel Copp Merchant Operations Compliance Analyst Mercury Payment Systems, LLC
Donald Berman CEO Merrick Bank
Deborah Camm Vice President Merrick Bank
Lisa Kenney Senior Vice President Merrick Bank
Arden Namba Executive Assistant Merrick Bank
Brian Smith Director of Business Development Merrick Bank
Jane Vanadia Director Operations Merrick Bank
Margi White Relationship Manager Merrick Bank
Moshe Meppen MetaDolce Technologies, Inc.
Leslie Poole Co-Founder & CEO Metricsco
James Juhl Director – Business Devlopment Metro Inspections
Donnie Navoa Inspector Management Metro Inspections
Jane Keller Director, rVd Program MicroBilt Corporation
Dave King Director of Strategic Development MicroBilt Corporation
Peter Valle Relationship Manager Microsoft
Nathan Spiegel Senior Account Executive Millennium Payment Systems
Shalom Auerbach President Milrose Capital
Jacob Sod Partner Milrose Capital
Brad Wills Chief Strategy Officer MINDBODY
Peter Baxendale Global Vice President of Sales Mindsl Technology
Hyung-Gon Paul Yoo Chief Commercial Officer Mistral Mobile Corporation
Mark Little Miura Systems
Elsa Friley MarCom Operations Mobeewave
Marla Ellerman Publisher – Editorial Director Mobile Marketing and Technology
Ben Fuller Videographer/Web Master Mobile Marketing and Technology
John Stafford Reporter Mobile Marketing and Technology
Fred Johnston Mobile Tech Inc.
Colt Parsons Mobile Tech Inc.
Dan Calderone MobileBytes
Shawn Parent VP Engineering MobileBytes
Mia Hyun President/CEO Mobius Payments Inc.
Jill Bobrick Product Manager Mocapay, Inc.
Gordon Boyes CEO Mocapay, Inc.
Christopher Munz Director of Business Development Mocapay, Inc.
Samantha Slater Fiinance and Operations Manager Mocapay, Inc.
Sam Greenwald Owner Momentum Business Capital
Pablo Criado-Perez Business Developer Moneero
Terry Banike Marketing Manager Moneris Solutions
Angela Brown President and CEO Moneris Solutions
Tony Calcagno Director, Relationship Management Moneris Solutions
Rob Cameron Chief Product and Marketing Officer Moneris Solutions
Claudio DeBon VP, Corporate Development Moneris Solutions
Matthew Dye NA Strategic Partner Sales Manager Moneris Solutions
Jeff Fogel Manager, Third-Party Acquiring Moneris Solutions
Fern Glowinsky Chief Operating Officer Moneris Solutions
Jeff Guthrie Chief Sales Officer Moneris Solutions
Isabelle Jones NA Business Development Moneris Solutions
Christine Lee President NA Moneris Solutions
Amer Matar Cheif Technology Officer Moneris Solutions
Stacey Maude Product Marketing Manager, Payments & Retail Moneris Solutions
John Morgan Director, Client Integrations Moneris Solutions
Sally Munn Director, US Credit & Risk Mgmt Moneris Solutions
Brian Prentice Chief Risk Officer Moneris Solutions
Pat Woods VP, N.A. Partner Sales Moneris Solutions
Remi Kent Event Coordinator Money20/20
Jeff McCarthy Money20/20
Michael Ross Money20/20
Christina Andrada MoneyToAccount
Tito Andrada Chief Executive Officer MoneyToAccount
Francisco Liquido Montserrat Capital
Mark Rasmussen Partner Moolah, LLC
Mark Dziuk CEO Moonshot Holdings
Smittipon Srethapramote Vice President Morgan Stanley
Jason Bishop CEO MotherFund
Des Docherty Business Development Movylo
Nirnay Sinha Vice President, Product Management Mozido
Menekse Gencer CEO mPayConnect
Raj Kothapalli MRL PAY
Anthony Orfanos MRL PAY
Chris Brown M-S Cash Drawer, LLC
Nash Kumar Director – Sales and Marketing M-S Cash Drawer, LLC
Alex Zaslavsky Compliance Analyst MTACC Inc.
James Kennedy Multifi
Jon Kennedy owner Multifi
Adam Langdon VP, Merchant Credit Card Services Mutual of Omaha Bank
Tony Rodriguez MyECheck, Inc.
Ed Starrs CEO, Inc.
David Poole Business Development Director myPinPad
Clay Hosterman Founder/Principal MYTRUSTHUB
Janet Estep President & Chief Executive Officer NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association
Amy Morris Senior Director NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association
Mike Murphy Senior Director, Member Engagement NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association
Amit Sharma CEO Narvar Inc.
Gary Alloy CEO National Benefit Programs, Inc
Diane Faro President National Benefit Programs, Inc
Robert Anthony Director Broker Services National Funding
Dave Gilbert CEO National Funding
Todd Stichler Director, Middle Market Lending National Funding
Justin Thompson VP, Sales National Funding
Brian Barrios Program Manager National Institute of Standards and Technology
Jacob Bennett VP of Risk & Underwriting National Merchants Association
Kandace Carrasco ISO Relations National Merchants Association
Alexis King Director of Sales Support National Merchants Association
Brian Lichterman Director of Marketing National Merchants Association
Heather Petersen CEO National Merchants Association
Jonathan Purviance Business Development Manager National Merchants Association
Brian Randolph CTO National Merchants Association
Nick Swihart Senior ISO Relations National Merchants Association
Nasser Showkat CEO National Payment Processing
Yeonhee Kim Senior Vice President of Merchant Operations NavyZebra Business Solutions
Jay Loeb NCCI
Jimmy Durham President nCLOSE –
Ahmed Ibrahim Business Development Manager NCMIC Finance Corporation
Tracy Schmidt VP-Card Services NCMIC Finance Corporation
Ben Dewberry Product Manager NCR
Marc Moore Manager, Services NCS Services Inc
Jon Crawford Director, Finance & Strategy NDMS
Todd Eichner President NDMS
Jack Costanzo Account Executive NELiX TransaX LLC
Tim Mason Marketing Director NELiX TransaX LLC
John Arp CIO/CTO Nelnet Transaction Solutions
Mike Phelan President Nelnet Transaction Solutions
Chris McCauley AVP Business Development Ness Software Engineering Services
Rakesh Raghudharan Ness Software Engineering Services
Drew Freeman Director Net Element
Eric Kirk Executive Vice President Net Element
Vladimir Sadovskly President of Merchant Services Net Element
Michael Gray Vice President of Operations NetSpend
Charles (Chuck) Harris President NetSpend
Lisa Henken VP, Customer Experience NetSpend
David Hill Sr. Director, Product Mgmt NetSpend
Dennis Cheng Engineer New POS Technology Limited
Xilinx Lin Engineer New POS Technology Limited
Jerry Yang Engineer New POS Technology Limited
TK Cheung President, NewNet Secure Transactions Newnet Communication Technologies
Anthony Timpano Regional Sales Director Newnet Communication Technologies
David Karcher Newtek
Michael Palladino CTO NexisCard/ PrePaid Ventures
Andrew Siden CEO & Founder NexisCard/ PrePaid Ventures
David Barnett Partner NextG Payments, LLC
Chris Carr NextG Payments, LLC
Phillip Peikos CEO NextG Payments, LLC
David Robertson Nilson Report
Brandon Banks Partner Development Manager NMI
Matthew Hyde VP of Marketing & Channel Partner Management NMI
Nicole Lee Partner Development Manager NMI
Matt Long Business Development Manager NMI
Bridget Mazzio Partner Development Manager NMI
Kyle Pexton CFO NMI
Lisa Puchalski Director of Marketing NMI
Nick Starai VP, Product Development NMI
Rich Swiderski VP of Business Development NMI
Noah Berger Noah Berger Photography
Sebastiaan Bruinsma Nobly POS
Donte Kim CEO Nodus Technologies, Inc.
Kimberly Jones Normax International
Yasser Abou-Nasr SVP, Velocity North American Bancard
Demitrious Baird Director of Risk North American Bancard
Amanda Beam Sales Relations Lead North American Bancard
Marc Beauchamp President North American Bancard
Conal Cunningham North American Bancard
Alec Dollarhide CIO North American Bancard
Justin Farrell CTO North American Bancard
Rita Feldman Vice President – National ISO Sales North American Bancard
Ashley Fisher Director North American Bancard
Marc Gardner President & CEO North American Bancard
Kirk Haggarty CFO North American Bancard
Terri Harwood Chief Operating Officer North American Bancard
Matt Hoskins President of PPT North American Bancard
Aliki Liadis-Hall Senior Manager, Risk and Underwriting North American Bancard
Ryan Malloy National Sales Manager North American Bancard
Nate Manahan Marketing Manager North American Bancard
Colleen Marchese Executive Assistant North American Bancard
Adam McDonald President of HBMS North American Bancard
Tracy Metzger Chief Information Officer North American Bancard
Larry Sandoval National Agent Recruiter North American Bancard
Michael Sauer General Counsel North American Bancard
David Tepoorten Vice President, Specialty Markers Group North American Bancard
Patrick Ward VP, Channel Sales North American Bancard
Patrick Devine Associate North Bridge Growth Equity
Shamit Mehta Principal North Bridge Growth Equity
Keith Boucher ETA CPP North Coast Bankcard
Benjamin Malka General Partners North Hill Ventures
Richard Hahn Vice President, Sales Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.
Harry Roth Vice President, Asset Management Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.
Deepika Shahani Manager, Originations Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.
Thomas Torres Software Engineer Novo Dia Group, Inc
Josh Wiles President Novo Dia Group, Inc
Juan Carlos Vera Now Prepay (Division of Vendtek Systems Inc)
LaShawn James NTN Buzztime, Inc.
Md. Emranul Huq Chowdhury Nuspay International, Inc.
Gabriel Danielescu Global Operations & Architecture Technology Nuspay International, Inc.
Robin Macevisius Resource Manager Nuspay International, Inc.
Mohammed Mansur Global CEO Nuspay International, Inc.
Artem Razgovorov Business Development & Global Marketing Nuspay International, Inc.
Harmeet Sigh Sethi CEO Nuspay International, Inc.
Jason Fullen VP, Business Development NVMS, Inc.
Joseph Volk NVMS, Inc.
John Barrett President, North America NXGEN
Michael Jaffe VP – Sales & Marketing NXGEN
Dillon Nitopi Area Sales Manager NXGEN
Thomas Nitopi CEO NXGEN
Hovik Avakian Owner O3 Merchant Services
Tedd Huff Vice President, Product Obsidian
Travis Priest Obsidian
Alex Dang Product & Channel Manager, Small Business Team OF Merchant Services, Opportunity Fund
Yuri Gelman Developer OFJCC
Debbie Stoddard Vice President, Sr Commercial Services Officer Old Point National Bank
Brad Arnott Representative OMEGA Processing Solutions
Tony Damico VP Products and Services OMEGA Processing Solutions
Eric Gearding VP Sales OMEGA Processing Solutions
Daena Sprafka Director of Merchant Operations OMEGA Processing Solutions
Eddie Burke President & CEO Omega Transactions Corporation
Kevin Burke Vice President Omega Transactions Corporation
Trey Burke EVP Omega Transactions Corporation
Ross Chapman Business Devleopment Manager OnDeck
Charles Deutsch Director of Platform Solutions OnDeck Capital, Inc.
Larson Laidlaw OnDeck Capital, Inc.
Evan Rabinowitz Director of Partner Acquisition OnDeck Capital, Inc.
Tim Schuermer Platform Solutions OnDeck Capital, Inc.
John Lie-Nielsen Director – Partner Program One Park Financial LLC
Brian Blackstock Product Development Manager One, Inc.
Chris Ewing CEO One, Inc.
Aia Stinnett Director of Payments One, Inc.
Sara Koller-Alonso Marketing and PR Manager ONPEX
Christoph Tutsch CEO ONPEX
Eddie Wong Head of Business Development ONPEX
Lisa Hopper Manager OEM/VAR Sales Open Edge Division of Global Payments Inc.
Peter Braun OpenEdge
TJ Fund General Counsel OpenEdge
Larry Martinez Director, Product Management OpenEdge
Marco Lucioni Opportunity Fund
Wayne Vandekraak OptConnect
Yael Barak Senior Product Manager Optimal Payments
Shane Hibbeler VP Sales Optimal Payments
David Musella VP Recruiting Optimal Payments
Nilesh Desai Sales director Opus Software Solutions
Praveen Talapan Manikoth Global Delivery Head Opus Software Solutions
Alex Trammell VP of Sales Opus Software Solutions
Chris Kenyon Oracle
Carson Kainer Manager, Corporate Relations Orion Payment Systems
Chase Oelkers EVP Sales Orion Payment Systems
Rick Pemberton President Orion Payment Systems
William Gostkowski Vice President Business Development OTI AMERICA INC
Khan Muhammad Consultant OTI AMERICA INC
Yitz Mendlowitz CEO PAAY
James Ruffer CTO PAAY
Evi Triantafyllides PAAY
Scott Scherr President Pace Payment Systems, Inc.
Timothy Monnin Pacific Crest – Key Bank
Ajay Palaparty Pacific Crest – Key Bank
Brendan Mahar VP Sales North America PacNet Services Ltd.
Ricardo Alarcón PAGOFÁCIL
Frank Pazera Director Pagos, LLC
Mario Carrillo Director, Payment Technologies and Retail Solutions Panasonic
HILLARY keller Marketing Manager PANINI
Brian Loos Business Development Manager Panini
Joe Sciulli PANINI
Jarrod Fresquez ParkHub
Zach Sadek Principal Parthenon
Marlon Harris President Pathway Payments
Joshua Silver VP, Product Development Patientco
Jamie Young CEO
Mohammad Arif Vice President, Multi-lane Solutions PAX Technology, Inc.
Lloyd Baylard Vice President of Retail Solutions PAX Technology, Inc.
Hui Cai PAX Technology, Inc.
Andy Chau CEO PAX Technology, Inc.
Roberta Davis Account Manager PAX Technology, Inc.
DeQiang Dong Manager of Software Department PAX Technology, Inc.
Anthony Fernandez PAX Technology, Inc.
Todd Harris Sales Manager PAX Technology, Inc.
Heather Hatch Director of Marketing PAX Technology, Inc.
Latoya Li Marketing Communication Manager PAX Technology, Inc.
Jack Lu CEO PAX Technology, Inc.
Marty McMullian Sales Executive PAX Technology, Inc.
Patrick Nguyen PAX Technology, Inc.
Dan Radu Director of Technology PAX Technology, Inc.
Dave Rogers Sales Executive PAX Technology, Inc.
Larry Sun Director PAX Technology, Inc.
Andrew Wu Vice President PAX Technology, Inc.
Jiada Zou Lead Certification & Quality Assurance Manager PAX Technology, Inc.
Ryan Cole Business Development Pay at the Pump Inc.
Karen Orford Founder & CEO Pay With Drop
Adam Bowman VP Sales & Business Development PAY.ON
Michael Doron Managing Director PAY.ON
Markus Rinderer CEO PAY.ON AG
Christopher Taine PR Manager PAY.ON AG
Eric Williams Sales Engineer PAY.ON AG
Dan Montrenes CEO PayAssist Inc.
Daniel Montrenes CFO PayAssist Inc.
Mimi Vong Director of Operations PayAssist Inc.
Camilo Acosta PayByGroup
Mustafa Shehabi CoFounder PayCube, Inc.
Gil Don Co-Founder PayItSimple
Alon Feit CFO PayItSimple
Megan Bussie Operations Manager Paymaxx Pro
Jon Leedom Operations Mgr Paymaxx Pro
Melissa Leedom COO Paymaxx Pro
Sabrina Cummings Director, Market Partner Support Payment Alliance International
Donna Embry Chief Payments Advisor Payment Alliance International
Eric Hennings National Sales Payment Alliance International
John J. Leehy III President & Chief Executive Officer Payment Alliance International
John Macht SVP – Operations Payment Alliance International
Scott McFarland Senior Vice President, Sales Payment Alliance International
Lara Pettit Market Partner Sales Payment Alliance International
Gregory W. Sahrmann Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Payment Alliance International
John Shipley Vice President, Operations Payment Alliance International
Russell Scudder CEO & President Payment Hub
Dustin Niglio CEO Payment Logistics
David Guerin CEO Payment Principals LLC
Marvin Soward COO Payment Principals LLC
Margarita Atlasova Marketing Coordinator Payment Software Company, Inc.
Tony Bates President and CFO Payment Software Company, Inc.
Curtis Bayne President Payment Systems Worldwide, Inc.
Kevin Xu Editor-in-Chief Payment Week
Jon Wintermeyer Business Development Paymentwall Inc
Roman Balanko CEO PaymentWorld
Liz Garrett Sales PaymentWorld
Alice Kong EVP PaymentWorld
Fiona Rozen President PaymentWorld
Richard Scarcella PaymentWorld
Brian Kenny Senior Vice President Financial Services Paymobile Inc.
Hui Wang Software Engineer PayPal
Joel Yarbrough Senior Director – Omnichannel PayPal Inc.
Jack Albers Regulatory Counsel PayPal, Inc.
Steven Allocca VP Credit Business General Manager PayPal, Inc.
Jennifer Babcock Manager, Partner Marketing PayPal, Inc.
Guatam Batra Senior Manager, Hardware Engineering PayPal, Inc.
Jeanette Blanco Sr. Director, Regulatory Counsel PayPal, Inc.
Brad Brodigan VP SMB Retail PayPal, Inc.
Jake Buzaid Business Development PayPal, Inc.
David Carter Director, Retail Partner Marketing PayPal, Inc.
Adrian Fradd Retail Partner Development PayPal, Inc.
Derek Francom Director, Branded Payments PayPal, Inc.
Brad Glover Director, Market and Partner Development PayPal, Inc.
Joshua Goines Sr. Director, Global Business Development PayPal, Inc.
Satish Govindarajan Director PayPal, Inc.
John Hughes PayPal, Inc.
Francisco Igual Sr. Manager Technical Compliance PayPal, Inc.
Frank Liddy PayPal, Inc.
Jim Magats VP, Global Core Payments PayPal, Inc.
Colleen Martin Retail Partner Development PayPal, Inc.
John Muller Vice President, Global Payments Policy PayPal, Inc.
Juliet Niczewicz Consumer and Risk Communication PayPal, Inc.
Ben O’Neill Sr. Manager, Retail Partner Marketing PayPal, Inc.
Dana Pettit Director, Retail Partner Management PayPal, Inc.
Brandon Piper Retail Partner Development PayPal, Inc.
Ian Povey Sr. Director, Product Management – Acceptance PayPal, Inc.
Nitin Prabhu Head Instore Integrations PayPal, Inc.
Devin Whitney Senior Manager, State Government Relations PayPal, Inc.
Steve Woloshin Director, eBay Inc Integrations PayPal, Inc.
Tschangiz Scheybani Managing Director PAYRETO Services Limited
E. Dondon Vacal Head of Business Development PAYRETO Services Limited
Ryan Hallett COO Payroc
Nick Oberman CEO Payroc
Adam Bloomston Payscape
Jeremy Wing Payscape
Cleveland Brown CEO Payscout
Daniel Hand Technical Support Specialist Payscout
Kimberly Rebello ISO Relationship Manager Payscout
Manpreet Singh President / Founder Payscout
Juan Sotelo VP of Business Development Payscout
Alex Arauz Vice President-Strategic Alliances PaySpan, Inc.
Chuck Elbell President Paytech EPS, Inc
Kevin Hurd Sales Engineer, ETA CPP PayTrace
Scott Judkins Founder & CEO PayTrace
Cameron Miller Director of Business Development PayTrace
Travis Naccarini Sr. Account Executive PayTrace
Jamie Reese Product Specialist PayTrace
Scott Robinson CFO PayTrace
Jennifer Mickelson VP Business Development Payventures, LLC
Rudolf Booker CEO Payvision
Floriana Cristea Corporate PR & Social Marketing Managers Payvision
Patrick Devlin Payvision
Joe Emig VP Business Development-International Acquiring Payvision
Jamil Johnson Director of Sales EMEA Payvision
Willy Kwa Kok Leng VP Sales APAC Payvision
Cheng Li CCO Payvision
Ish Nabhan VP Sales Canada Payvision
Marilen Santos Director of Accounts Payvision
John Snoek VP eCommerce Payvision
Dharmendra Kumar PayZang
Douglas Wicks CEO Payze
Lance Joe CEO Payzone Systems
Luci D. PCI Compliance
Corey P. Relationship Manager PCI Compliance
Jeremy King International Director PCI Security Standards Council
Troy Leach Chief Technology Officer PCI Security Standards Council
Lindsay Goodspeed PCI Security Standards Council
Cathy Levie PCI Security Standards Council
solomon lax CEO Pearl Capital Business Funding LLC
Kristina Evans Technical Specialist Pegasus CRM
Rick Jernigan President Pegasus CRM
Evelyn Wronkowski Technical Specialist Pegasus CRM
Bob Paajanen Industry Principal, Global Cards Pegasystems
Beth McGinty AVP, Business Services Sales Peoples Bank
Jerimy Saldivar VP President/Electronic Banking Manager Peoples Bank
Gerry Serratore VP Sales Peoples Trust
Brian Cook President/CEO Perfect Processing
Matt Wollersheim VP Sales and Marketing Performance Card Service
Shylah Alfonso Partner Perkins Coie LLP
David Chiappetta Partner Perkins Coie LLP
David Olsky Attorney Perkins Coie LLP
Kaycie Wall Partner Perkins Coie LLP
Peter Kondrashov Project Manager Peter Kondrashov
Peterson Partners
Greg Anderson SVP – Product Phoenix Managed Networks
Trevor Fall Executive Vice President Phoenix Managed Networks
Matthew Mudd CEO Phoenix Managed Networks
Nano Visser-Klein Photos By Nano
Michael Davidoff VP, Marketing Phreesia
Federico Garibaldi Senior Product Manager Phreesia
Fuji Le Director – Payment Operations Phreesia Inc.
Andy Young Founder Picket, Inc.
John Barton Partner Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP
Charles Betta Founder Pilothouse Solutions, LLC
Rick Camac Pilothouse Solutions, LLC
Geoffrey Horn CEO Pilothouse Solutions, LLC
Shasha Guan Chief Executive Officer Ping Mobile 2 Credit
Thomas Cheng Pinnacle Direct
Cortney Piper President Piper Communications
Gene Munster Piper Jaffray
Julia Abbruzzese Corporate Talent Acquisition Manager Pivotal Payments
Gigi Beyene Director, Partnership Program Pivotal Payments
Philip Fayer CEO Pivotal Payments
Lester Fernandes Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Pivotal Payments
Linda Grimm VP, Risk Operations Pivotal Payments
Frank LoSchiavo Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Pivotal Payments
Shaun McDonald Project Manager Pivotal Payments
Tonya Skinner Assistant Vice President, Partner Acquisitions Pivotal Payments
Damian Tanenbaum Senior Vice President, Operations Pivotal Payments
Janet Gulbransen Ms Planet Earth Healthcare Inc.
Dan Caniglia Senior Solutions Consultant Planet Group Inc.
Michael Dooley Director of Sales Planet Group Inc.
Martin Franks Director of New Business Development Planet Group Inc.
Kim Geiken Software Developer Planet Group Inc.
Trina Hoyt-Laird Planet Group Inc.
Sherry Magwire Chief Technology Officer Planet Group Inc.
Pranav Patel Planet Group Inc.
Paul Scheier Director of Web Development Planet Group Inc.
Pete Ellis Planet Payment
Jennifer Fitch Vice President, Business Optimization & Relationship Management Planet Payment
Melissa Jones VP, North American Sales Planet Payment
Joel Mayer SVP, Corporate Development Planet Payment
Derek Vowels Director, US Acquirer Relations Planet Payment
Carl Williams CEO Planet Payment
Ryan Ellefsen CEO Platinum Payment Systems
Ammon Freestone Director of Sales Platinum Payment Systems
Marc Roberts President of Operations Platinum Payment Systems
Kipp Bockhopp Sales Associate Plug & Pay Technologies Inc
Will Dunkak Senior Sales Manager Plug & Pay Technologies Inc
Ali Razi Sales Associate Plug & Pay Technologies Inc
James Turansky Programmer Plug & Pay Technologies Inc
Scott Robinson Director, FinTech Plug and Play Tech Center
David Marsyla CEO Pocket Systems, Inc.
Angelo Cataldo Business Development Point Break Payments
Roman Cataldo Director Point Break Payments
Roman Cataldo CEO Point Break Payments
Gregg Aamoth CEO
Randy Sagar Chairman POS ON CLOUD
Scott Agatep Vice President, Product & Marketing POS Portal, Inc.
Brandon Audisio Product Administrator POS Portal, Inc.
Liz Connolly Channel Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Gus Constancio VP Operations POS Portal, Inc.
Mark Cordeiro Sr. Client Relationship Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Phil Gundry Account Executive POS Portal, Inc.
Josh Johnstone Corporate Marketing Director POS Portal, Inc.
Kevin Kent Product Marketing Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Shobhit Kumar Product Marketer POS Portal, Inc.
Cres Liasos Channel Partner Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Marshall McCulloch Account & Project Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Alex Navarro POS Portal, Inc.
Justin Price Director of Sales POS Portal, Inc.
Carlos Reyes Product Manager POS Portal, Inc.
John-Paul Sansone Account Executive POS Portal, Inc.
Mel Stead Procurement Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Kent “Buzz” Stryker President/CEO POS Portal, Inc.
Anita Thomas Professional Services Manager POS Portal, Inc.
Brooke Turner Equipment Sales Representative POS Portal, Inc.
Joe Villamil Vice President, Business Development POS Portal, Inc.
Fatima Wafy POS Portal, Inc.
Duane Waiters Product Administrator POS Portal, Inc.
Peter Burletoff General Manager POS West
Jason Nelson Operations Manager POS West
Brandy Smith Technical Support Manager POS West
Edward Ip CEO
Tony Brogdon Channel Sales Manager POSBANK USA
Steven Eun CEO & President POSBANK USA
Grace Goo General Manager POSBANK USA
Vincent Ko Senior Vice President POSBANK USA
Angela Grimes-Lagasse VP of Sales POSKITZ USA
Jeff Dumbrell CEO, PowaPOS Powa Technologies
Barbara Juraszek Facilities Manager Powa Technologies
Candace McCaffery SVP Marketing, PowaPOS Powa Technologies
Paul Rasori EVP Product & Marketing, PowaPOS Powa Technologies
Grace Rowe Social Media Executive Powa Technologies
Michael Struttmann SVP & GM, North America Powa Technologies
Dan Wagner CEO Powa Technologies
Garrett Bartolotta Senior Technical Accounts Manager, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Anthony Davis Senior Technical Accounts Manager, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Lori Drayer Global Trade Show & Events Manager, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Serafin Fuente Head of Latin America and Caribbean PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Pat Hazel Powa Technologies, Inc.
Jeffrey Max President Powa Technologies, Inc.
Martin McCann VP Sales, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Bill Pittman EVP Client Implementation, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Ryan Powell Powa Technologies, Inc.
Daniel Prigmore Business Manager, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Carlos Romero CTO, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Ken Schember Director Sales, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Jason Seed Powa Technologies, Inc.
Bob Stone SVP Product Management, PowaPOS Powa Technologies, Inc.
Roy Wanguhu Technical Director Powa Technologies, Inc.
Praveen Alavilli Founding Engineer Poynt
Chenyu Feng Engineer Poynt
Tony Miranz COO Poynt
Rishi Taparia Vice President Poynt
Sokcon Tim Poynt
Mark Schissler Consultant Practical Wisdom Consulting
Steve Taylor CEO PreCash, inc.
Eric Sytwu Presidio Ventures
Dwight Harris Executive Director preTactics
Doug Ireland Controller Prezi
Drew Luca Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers
Jim Russell Director PricewaterhouseCoopers
Nicholas Del Deo Senior Vice President Principis Capital
Romana Lastierre Strategic Sales Manager Principis Capital
Anthony Bonventre Chief Credit Officer Priority Payment Systems
Lee Bryan Partner Priority Payment Systems
Mike Chu Agent Priority Payment Systems
Tom Della Badia SVP Indirect Sales Priority Payment Systems
Huaibao Ding VP of Business Development Priority Payment Systems
Dottie Ford Client Executive Priority Payment Systems
Monica Garcia Director, ISO/Agent Business Development Priority Payment Systems
Richard Harris Chief Operating Officer Priority Payment Systems
Duayne Haskett SVP Sales Channel Development Priority Payment Systems
Nana Huo Agent Priority Payment Systems
Sean Kiewiet Chief Information Officer Priority Payment Systems
Carolina Mercado Director, ISO/Agent Business Development Priority Payment Systems
Ristina Mills Business Development Manager Priority Payment Systems
Paul Oswald Vice President Enterprise Solutions Priority Payment Systems
Dobbin Prezzano VP Product Development and Marketing Priority Payment Systems
John Priore President & CEO Priority Payment Systems
Thomas Priore Executive Director Priority Payment Systems
Thad Sheffield Director, ISO/Agent Business Development Priority Payment Systems
Aleksandra Teichman Client Executive Priority Payment Systems
Joshua Vasbinder VP of Operations Priority Payment Systems
Erik Verryden Agent Priority Payment Systems
Timothy Vint Vice President – ISO Sales Priority Payment Systems
Afshin Yazdian President – Merchant Acquiring Priority Payment Systems
kenji Kondo mr. Private individual
David Thal Privy
Chad Buckmaster Processing Point
Jon Avganim CEO
James Bergman Director
Avi Chesed President
Kyle Martin Product & Development Manager Processors Unlimited
Jason Bridwell B2B Key Accounts ProClip USA Inc. – Madison, WI
Chris Brammer Sales Executive ProfitStars
Jerry Federico Sales Manager ProfitStars
Bill Smither ProfitStars
Kathy Wheeler Product Manager ProfitStars
George McKee President & CEO Profituity
Nicky Pappo CEO
Pascal Caillon PROXAMA
Ricky Ranjan PROXAMA
Elizabeth Bohlen Vice President Pueblo Bank and Trust
Amy Coulson ISO Manager Pueblo Bank and Trust
Matt O’Bierne Manager, Product Management PULSE
Frank Sherman CEO Pure Payment Solutions
Nathan Hilt Director PwC
Gregory Holmes Director PwC
Rajiv Narula Director, Advisory Services PwC
Mark Flamme Vice President PwC Strategy&
Ryan Cole Business Development
Eric Reusch Principal QED Investors
Asaf Ashkenazi Director of Product Management Qualcomm
Asaf Ashkenazi Director of Product Management Qualcomm
Lisa Anderson Director of Product Qualpay, Inc
Craig Gass CEO Qualpay, Inc
Stephen Prince EVP Operations Qualpay, Inc
Penny Townsend EVP of Product Qualpay, Inc
Jimmy Lai Risk Manager Quantum Electronic Payments
Damien Halloran Director Sales & Marketing Quest Payment Systems
Benjamin Gold President Quick Bridge Funding
Rahul Lavingia Credit Manager Quick Bridge Funding
Luke O’Dell Director, Sales Quick Bridge Funding
Jason Osiecki VP of Sales Quick Bridge Funding
Jose Shaw Director of Account Management Quick Bridge Funding
Saxe Dave Director of Sales Quiktrak
Walt Graham Sales Account Manager Quiktrak
Kim Riggs Sales Account Manager Quiktrak
Harry Baustien Quisk, Inc.
Dan Glessner Quisk, Inc.
Darius Hedayati Account Executive Radius
Megan Karlen VP of Business Development Radius
Scott Griest Managing Director Rapid Capital Funding
Jeremy Brown CEO Rapid Financial Services LLC
Mark Cerminaro CRO Rapid Financial Services LLC
Jim Fink Director of Strategic Partnerships Rapid Financial Services LLC
Daren Jackson President Rapid Financial Solutions
Nirav Patel CEO RapidRMS
Steve Hufford Managing Director Raymond James & Associates
James Ricci SVP – Merchant Aquiring Sponsorship Management RBS Citizens
Bill Buser Director of Scanner Solutions RDM Corporation
Andrea Cartwright Product Marketing Specialist RDM Corporation
Leo Tintinalli Product Manager RDM Corporation
Jeff Jaussi Director – Payments Product Management RealPage
William Chaney Executive Vice President, Enterprise Solutions RealPage, Inc.
Kimberly Lang SVP, Resident Services RealPage, Inc.
Marianna Adamian Content Marketing Manager Recombo
Brad Carlyle CFO Recombo
Naomi Donaldson Strategic Solutions Manager, US Recombo
Brad Moore Recombo
Angie Strongitharm Account Executive Recombo
Brandon Yttri Product Expert Recombo
Lana Bukvic Product Marketing Manager Recombo
Peter Fitzpatrick Account Executive Recombo
Mike Gardner Recombo
Satoru Fukuda Recruit Holdings
Koichiro Honda Business Development Recruit Holdings
Yasu Ogawa Recruit Holdings
Ken Uno Recruit Holdings
Hidenori Omiya Recruit Lifestyle
Shunsuke Soeda Recruit Lifestyle
Saeka Tani Recruit Lifestyle
Dan Burkhart CEO Recurly
Sanjeev Tenneti Recurly
Chuck Chagas Business Development Red Oak Payment Solutions
Edmund Chang Guest Red Oak Payment Solutions
Eric Nelson Red Oak Payment Solutions
James Price CEO Red Oak Payment Solutions
Alex Groyzburg President Red Payments LLC
Simon Lobanov CEO Red Payments LLC
Freddi Rolbin National Sales Manager Red Payments LLC
Alex Shev Treasurer Red Payments LLC
Robert Capps Senior Director of Customer Success RedSeal, Inc.
Fenella Kim President & CEO RelianceStar Payment Services
John Kim Co-Founder & Managing Partner RelianceStar Payment Services
Jason Kirk CTO REPAY (M & A Ventures/Repay)
John Morris CEO REPAY (M & A Ventures/Repay)
Chip Nichols CEO Resource Leasing Company
Lesa Bailes Business Relationship Manager Retail Capital
Tom Pepple President Retail Profit Systems, Inc.
Joshua Mitchell President of ISO Relations RetailCapital
Ryan Rosett CEO RetailCapital
Rupak Anto In House Disruptor retailcloud
Brynn Brothers Brand Experience Ninja retailcloud
Kevin Colaco Innovation Mentor retailcloud
Eric Guzman Brand Experience Samurai retailcloud
Sarah Kelso Brand Experience Serenader retailcloud
Kristy Sherman VP Operations retailcloud
Deepa Seetharaman E-Commerce Reporter Reuters
Zaydoon Munir Founder & CEO RevolutionCredit
Deana Rich President Rich Consulting
Uday Walia Riiwards Inc
Canh Tran CEO Rippleshot
Marti Ogram Vice President of Business Development Riptide IO
Daryn Barney Managing Partner/CEO RisePay
Anthony Ribas Managing Director/COO RisePay
Steven Sprague Rivetz Corp
Joseph Arthur Vice President, Operations Rocketpay Group
Carrie Hometh Managing Director RocketPay Group
Scott Spiker Rockledge Group
Chuck Bryan Strategic Account Manager – M2M Rogers Communications, Inc.
Jeff Maruyama CEO RoundPeak Systems
Maureen Elworthy Director Treasury Royal Ahold
Aaron Johnson ROYAL GATE Group
Robert Halsey President Royal Group Services, LLC
Gregory Richmond CEO Royal Group Services, LLC
Charles Kim President Royal Western Processing Company
Paul Kim Business Manager Royal Western Processing Company
James Interdonato Channel Manager RPOWER POS
Robert Alvarez Regional Director Sales RS Software
Prasanta Chakraborty VP- Corporate RS Software
Amy Rose Gill Regional Sales Manager RS Software
Raghav Jain Regional Sales & Marketing Manager RS Software
Srishti Jain Marketing RS Software
Garry Singer Regional Sales Manager RS Software
David Amato Chief Projects Officer RS2 Software
Maria Attard Marketing Officer RS2 Software
Nigel Cox Sales Manager – Europe RS2 Software
Michael Sobek RS2 Software
Rob Sadowski Dir. of Marketing RSA, The Security Division of EMC
Kelly Funk President & CEO RSPA
Larry Tong Director of Operations RT Lawrence Corporation
Joe Bettencourt Territory Account Manager SafeNet
Andrew Chen SafeNet
Carey Daley Field Marketing Manager SafeNet
Bill Lewis Major Account Manager SafeNet
Amit Sinha System Architect SafeNet Inc
Matt Michaelsen Manager, IT Compliance Office Safeway
Chris Brundage COO Sage Payment Solutions
Melody Chalaban Manager, Analyst Relations Sage Payment Solutions
Dexter Cube Senior Account Executive Sage Payment Solutions
Sara Egan Sr. Director of Sales, National Accounts Sage Payment Solutions
Rick Garboski ISO President Sage Payment Solutions
John Laurell Vice President, Technical Operations Sage Payment Solutions
Ray Merk Vice President, Business Development Sage Payment Solutions
Joseph Michalski Business Development Sage Payment Solutions
Tim Norris Senior Marketing Manager Sage Payment Solutions
Nick Oettinger Director of Business Development Sage Payment Solutions
Steve Palazzo Director of Sales, National Accounts Sage Payment Solutions
Colleen Rumsey VP Finance & Business Operations Sage Payment Solutions
Joseph Smutz Director Product Integration Sage Payment Solutions
Don Weary Director, Product Management Sage Payment Solutions
Lance Boyd VP of Sales SAINT Corporation
Patrick DiGioia Business Development, Sales Representative, Cyber Security Solutions Provider SAINT Corporation
Julie Godfrey Vertical Business Samsung Electronics America
Linda Hofflander Samsung Electronics America
Robin Schultz MSCA Samsung Electronics America
Laurie Spindler-Jones PR Samsung Electronics America
Steve Rahman Director Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC
Mike Fernald San Francisco Business Time
Mark Calvey Senior Reporter San Francisco Business Times
Conner Jay Photo Chief San Francisco Business Times
Kristen Brown Reporter San Francisco Chronicle
Mark Albertson Technology Columnist San Francisco Examiner
Kevin Connolly VP Satelles
Mike Beltz Operating Partner Satori Capital
Nikita Brodskiy SavedPlus Inc
Paul Sorokin COO, Co-Founder SavedPlus Inc
Simon Pugh Principal SB Pugh, LLC
Carla Kennis Director of Business Development SBPC
Sharon Predes Director of Business Development SBPC
Roger Hert ScanSource
Beatta McInerney ScanSource
Rick Williams ScanSource
Christopher Cruz Investor Searchlight Capital
Andrew Frey Partner Searchlight Capital
Phil Dunn Staff Secure Bancard LLC
James Hignight VP President of Sales Secure Bancard LLC
Kevin Smith CEO Secure Bancard LLC
Veronica Holsomback CFO Secure Payment Solutions, Inc.
Jack Holsomback III CEO Secure Payment Solutions, Inc.
Jesse Memmel COO Secure Payment Solutions, Inc.
Thomas Cwik Manager Product Development Secure Payment Systems
Steven Eazell Vice President Third Party Sales Secure Payment Systems
Linden Fellerman President & CEO Secure Payment Systems
Scott Kanter VP Direct Sales Secure Payment Systems
Michael Pruitt ISO Relationship Manager Secure Payment Systems
Mark Engels EVP, Business Development SecureNet, a WorldPay company
Stephanie Cheek Merchant Operations Security BankCard Center, Inc.
Lorrie Madden President Security BankCard Center, Inc.
Amanda Leigh Conner Director of Marketing Security Card Services, LLC
Joan Kuykendall SVP of Operations Security Card Services, LLC
Rob Vincent Owner Security Card Services, LLC
John Bartholomew Vice President, Sales SecurityMetrics
Matt Brown Director, Business Development SecurityMetrics
Brad Caldwell CEO SecurityMetrics
Jon Clark Director, Marketing SecurityMetrics
Sherry Clements Acquirer Accounts Manager SecurityMetrics
Joseph Durfey Manager, Strategic Accounts SecurityMetrics
David Ellis Director of Forensic Examinations, CISSP SecurityMetrics
Wenlock Free VP, Strategic Partners SecurityMetrics
Gary Glover Security Analyst SecurityMetrics
Amanda Harmon Manager, Corporate Communications SecurityMetrics
Chandler Higgins Marketing Events Manager SecurityMetrics
Collin Mangum Product Marketing Manager SecurityMetrics
David Meyers Senior Director, Business Development SecurityMetrics
Jerry Nelson Board of Directors SecurityMetrics
Lee Pierce Strategic Account Manager SecurityMetrics
Scott Robinson Director Acquirer/ISO Relations SecurityMetrics
Chris Taylor Director, Business Development SecurityMetrics
Rob Leslie CEO Sedicii
Courtney Kessler Director of Underwriting Seek Capital
Robert Kessler Director of Sales Seek Capital
Stephen Toomey Channel Manager Seiko Instruments
Matt Dreise VP, Business Development Select Bankcard
Jon Shipley President Select Bankcard
Laura Louthan Sephora
Jason Truong Senior Director Sephora
Jasmit Jandu CEO Serenity Living
Tom Miller Associate Director, Business Development Serent Capital
Larry Cohn Service First Payments
Mary Longo Service First Payments
Rui Valdir Monteiro Junior SETIS
Neal Coxworth Business Development Settlement Recovery Group
Mark Elis Business Development Settlement Recovery Group
Liz Lopez Product Marketing Manager Shape Security
Rita Shen Product Marketing Manager Shape Security
Amy Demarest Merchant Services Supervisor SHAZAM, Inc.
Shelley Plomske Consultant Shelley Plomske Consulting
Tom Sheridan Sterling Payment Technologies Consultant Sheridan & Associates
Jeremy Fried System Architect Shift4 Corporation
Chad Galloway Business Development Manager Shift4 Corporation
David Seal Product Engineer Shopify
Guy Poirier Retail Product Manager Shopify Inc.
Scott Greenhut VP, Strategic Partnerships ShopKeep
Etie Hertz SVP of Payments ShopKeep
Ansar Khan Business Development Manager ShopKeep
Nom Merritt President and CEO ShopKeep
Michael Rosenbloom Business Development Manager ShopKeep
David Herzog Director of Business Development ShopKeep POS
Jason Richelson Founder and Co-CEO ShopKeep POS
Michelle Jenkins Market and Product Development SignaPay
Jason Putnam VP Sales SignaPay
Monica Munoz Office Mgr / Accounting Signature Card Services
Aaron Slominski Senior Vice President, Sales Signature Card Services
Chris Bucolo Sikich LLP
Brad Lutgen Director, Marketing & Business Development Sikich LLP
Art Kong Head of Foreign Exchange Trading Silicon Valley Bank
Nicole Leibman Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.
Greg Castro SR VP of Sales SilverEdge
Kenneth Salazar President SilverEdge
Gordon Green Simple Logic Systems
Doug Keyser Vice President Sales and Marketing Simple Logic Systems
Marlin McNeil COO Simple Logic Systems
Wayne Wilkinson President/CEO Simple Logic Systems
Sheryl Scott SiteLink Merchant Services Manager SiteLink Merchant Services
Marc Cawdrey VP of Marketing SkinStore
Sean Alexander Risk & Underwriting Manager Skrill USA, Inc.
Stephanie O’Connor Strategic Partnerships Skrill USA, Inc.
Elena Sabkova Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel Skrill USA, Inc.
Michael Fritts Team Leader, Client Relations Slim CD, Inc.
Frank Haggar Director of Product Development Slim CD, Inc.
Cary Berman CFO SMART Payment Plan
Jackson Bigham Compliance Attorney SMART Payment Plan
David Engelman CEO SMART Payment Plan
James Flinterman CEO Smart2Pay LLC
Frido Tober US Market Development Manager Smart2Pay LLC
Natasha Ching Product Manager SmartPay
Brian Seims SMS Business Solutions
Jack Jia Business Development Manager SNAPCARD
Jonathan Summerton VP Business Development Snapcard
Michael Dunworth CEO, Co-founder SNAPCARD INC.
Steven Elefant Managing Director Soaring Ventures
Andy Artz Investor Social+Capital Partnership
Rick Holt CEO Sole Financial
Jayme Moss Vice President Solupay Processing Systems
Joe Musitano National Merchant Sales Solupay Processing Systems
Bob Bremmer Vice President Sales Sonavation
Ludovic Copere Manager Sony
Mario Manabe Sony
Douglas Hardman SparkBase
Davorin Kuchan CEO Sparkling Logic, Inc
Carlos Serrano-Morales CTO Sparkling Logic, Inc
Alyssa Paul Operations Manager Sparrow One, LLC
Shelly Berensen Managing Partner Specialized Processing Solutions
Lonny Paul Marketing Specialized Processing Solutions
Kenneth Chan Software Engineer SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
John Cheung Technical Support Manager SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
Danilso Jacome Vice President – Latin America SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
Kit Lam Overseas Sales Manager SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
Fancilia Lung Overseas Sales Manager SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
Bango Ning VP – Business Development Worldwide SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
Ernesto Perez Vice President – Latin America SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd.
Jim Kander Retail, Enterprise and ITSP Sales Spectralink Corporation
Jenna Wyer Head of Growth Spreedly
Patric Caya Director of Sales Springboard Retail
Allen Williams Springboard Retail
Craig Creason Sprint
Dean Moll Business Development Manger Sprint
Michael Dahn Head of Data Security Relations Square
Daniel Kimerling CEO Standard Treasury
Zachary Townsend Co-founder Standard Treasury
Greg Michell Attorney Stanley, Esrey & Buckley LLP
Mike Alvaro Channel Partner Manager Star Micronics
Peter diCoio Channel Partner Executive Star Micronics
Christine Duffy Senior Sales Director Star Micronics
Hirofumi Fujwara Technical Support Manager Star Micronics
Yusuke Hotta Sales & Marketing Star Micronics
Jon Levin Product Integration Manager Star Micronics
Christophe Naasz Business Development Director Star Micronics
David Salisbury Director, Global Marketing Star Micronics
Kazumitsu Shimmura R&D Manager Star Micronics
Ronny Yakov CEO Star Micronics
Joe Gage Executive Director – Products Sterling Payment Technologies, Inc.
Paul Hunter President & CEO Sterling Payment Technologies, Inc.
Stephen Kane Senior Executive Officer, Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions Sterling Payment Technologies, Inc.
Tom McHugh Chief Operating Officer Sterling Payment Technologies, Inc.
Kevin Schifrin Sterling Payment Technologies, Inc.
Gary Staub Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Sterling Payment Technologies, Inc.
Sanjay Kumar Mahalingam Software Engineer Stitch App
Eric Mettemeyer CEO Store Financial
Matt Waldie President / COO Store Financial
Steven Kirincic VP of Sales Strategic Funding Source
Hellen McQuain VP of Corporate Relations Strategic Funding Source
Alan Nussbaum VP of Business Development Strategic Funding Source
Josh Rothenberg VP of Business Development Strategic Funding Source
Peggy Olson Principal Strategic Marketing
James Wilhelm Strategic Partnership Solutions
Vijitra Boonkoom COO Strategic Payment Systems, Inc.
Rick Pylant CEO Strategic Payment Systems, Inc.
Jon Stevens President Strategic Payment Systems, Inc.
Jonathen Wong PRODUCT MANAGER Strategic Payment Systems, Inc.
Kevin Grieve Partner strategy& (formerly Booz & Co)
Billy Alvarado Chief Operating Officer Stripe
Sheena Jain Global Financial Partnerships Stripe
Kelly Simms Stripe
Jon Stowe Managing Director subLyme Payments
Jamie Hamilton Vice President SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Michael Maguire Director SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Michael Nelson Director SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Marc Cole CFO Super G Funding, LLC
Jon Engleking President Super G Funding, LLC
Darrin Ginsberg CEO Super G Funding, LLC
Chris Chang CEO sure3 tek Inc.
Rebecca Cheng Operation Associate sure3 tek Inc.
Travis Hung Marketing Executive sure3 tek Inc.
Jason Shin Marketing Executive sure3 tek Inc.
Henry Wang Solution Manager sure3 tek Inc.
Gregory Colella Investment Professional Susquehanna Growth Equity
Steven Bettinger President Swift
Krista Ferguson Swift
Jaquie Fisher Swift
Edith Labelle Swift
Jason Spence Swift
Eric Spinosa Swift
James Terlizzi Manager Swift
Carl Linhardt President Swipe Merchant Services Corp.
Billy Hubbard Director of Channel Sales Swipely
Marc Thomas Manager of Direct/National Sales Swipely
Thomas Bannon SVP, Operations Switch Commerce
Bobby Hicks Switch Commerce
Roy Rimmer Principal Switch Commerce
Paul Willingham CFO Switch Commerce
Lisa Fiessinger POS Strategy Leader Synchrony Financial
Jonathan Schmidt Point of Sale Channel Manager Synchrony Financial
Fraser Cruickshank Group Vice President Synovus
Luke Howarth President Syrinx Consulting Corporation
Chris Sava Business Development & Partnerships Syrinx Consulting Corporation
Ashley Hinnant Business Relationship Manager Sysnet Global Solutions
Joy Millard Chief Client Officer Sysnet Global Solutions
Jon Friar T. Rowe Price
Ross Darwin Associate TA Associates
Clara Jackson Vice President TA Associates
Gary McGrath Executive Vice President, Sales TableSafe
Ryerson Schlitt Product Manager TableSafe
David Rossetta Lead Product Support Engineer talech
Gerald See Director of Business Development Talech
Joy Ghanekar Talech Inc.
Irv Henderson CEO Talech Inc.
Leo Jiang Co-Founder & CTO Talech Inc.
Evan Black CFO Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions
Jake Michaelis Market President Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions
William Cervin CEO Tantrum Street LLC
V Rama Kumar Tarang Software Technologies
Jason Diaz CEO TaxiPass
David Braun VP – National Sales TD Bank
Jeff Ecker VP, Product Innovation TD Bank
Robert Hayhow Chief Product Officer TD Bank
Julie Pukas Head of US Bankcard and Merchant Services TD Bank
Joe Coady TDG Inc
Miguel Ramirez Business Development Manager Team Research Inc.
Guy McDonald CEO TeaMac
Kurt Schimmel CFO TeaMac
Kathy Wu TeamSable Inc
Sai Casula Client Partner Tech Mahindra Ltd
Rahul Choube Manager, Business Development Tech Mahindra Ltd
Manish Choudhary Tech Mahindra Ltd
Greg Gresh Sales & Marketing Tech Mahindra Ltd
Walter Nirenberg Vice President, Business Development Tech Mahindra Ltd
Jonathan Shieber Senior Editor, CrunchBase TechCrunch
Norman Chen Investment Professional Technology Crossover Ventures
Amol Helekar Vice President Technology Crossover Ventures
Cameron Lefebvre Tender Retail
Mike Loftus Tender Retail
Les Milborn Tender Retail
Gino Puzzuoli Tender Retail
Garret Reed Vice President Tenerum
Cindy Thompson Product Manager Tenerum
Clinton S. Lucas Managing Partner TERRAPIN FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC
Zach Goldstein CEO Thanx
Mark Sterne Sales SME The ACCEL/Exchange Network
Mae Anderson AP Technology Writer The Associated Press
Matthew Carberry Vice President The Bancorp Bank
Charles Crawford Senior Vice President The Bancorp Bank
Frank Mastrangelo President The Bancorp Bank
Jayme Mathis Vice President The Bankcard Group
John Mott Owner The Bankcard Group
Andrew Brown Managing Director The Beekman Group
John Black Chief Executive Officer The Brennes-Jones Group
Foster Chase President The CashLINQ Group, LLC
Greg Hatcher Compliance Manager The CashLINQ Group, LLC
Becky Kopplin Vice President Operations The CashLINQ Group, LLC
Dan Segev Co-Owner The Flying Merchant
Orlando Alvarez President The Funding Tree, LLC
George Schmidt Vice President The Funding Tree, LLC
Bradley Smiedt Manager The Fundworks
Charles Alder CEO The Give Back Campaign
Thom Aldredge Managing Director The Give Back Campaign
Vikki Done Sales & Marketing The Give Back Campaign
Kat Doherty Production Manager The Green Sheet, Inc.
Kathleen Gillespie General Manager & Chief Operating Officer The Green Sheet, Inc.
Dale Laszig Staff Writer The Green Sheet, Inc.
Laura McHale-Holland Assistant Vice President, Editorial The Green Sheet, Inc.
Ann Train Senior Staff Writer The Green Sheet, Inc.
Jeffrey Nolan VP, Marketing The Intellisis Corporation
Colby Poulson Director of Operations The iTransact Group
Jared Poulson Managing Partner The iTransact Group
Scott Henderson Managing Director The Mackenzie Group
Christopher Meier Attorney The Meier Firm, PL
Alistair Mills Director Global Surveys The Nilson Report
Nissa Anklesaria Communications The OutCast Agency
Casey Blackstun Account Executive The Phoenix Group
Liz Caldwell Vice President of Strategic Accounts The Phoenix Group
Scott Rutledge CEO The Phoenix Group
Wally Sebastian Vice President of Distribution Sales The Phoenix Group
Rich Eyberg Senior Associate / Merchant Acquiring Strategy THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Charles Fillinger Senior Associate / Product & eCommerce Strategy THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Josh Istas staff member THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Gerritt Kerkstra Senior Management Consultant THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Jamie Savant Partner Co-Founder THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Ray Sobczyk Director of Strategic Acquisitions THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Kurt Strawhecker Managing Partner / Co-Founder THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Mike Strawhecker Vice President & Director of TSG Metrics THE STRAWHECKER GROUP
Don Tapscott CEO The Tapscott Group
Jeremy Crase The Trade Group
Greg Bensinger Reporter The Wall Street Journal
Marsha Jones President Third Party Payments Processors Association (TPPPA)
Nandita Bose U.S. Retail and Consumer Products Correspondent Thomson Reuters
Edwin Chan Editor in Charge, Equities, West Coast Thomson Reuters
Shane Makanani Channel Development Manager Thomson Reuters
Dhananjay Sawant CTO ThoughtFocus
Srini Bellingundu SVP ThoughtFocus Technologies
Aubrey Thurman Legal Administrator Thurman Legal
Michael Thurman Attorney Thurman Legal
Barbara Kelly Vice President, Regional Merchant Sales Officer TIB
Blair Smith Vice President/Merchant Sales Manager TIB
Kevin Livingston Senior Account Executive TIBCO Software
Peter Clabby Regional Vice President, Financial Services TIBCO Software Inc.
Jason Woelfl Founder Tipszee
Joseph Meuse SVP, Product Development TMS
Karen Golden Sales Development Top Image Systems
Kevin McKee Director, Mobile Solutions Top Image Systems
Joshua Moody Senior Account Representative
Jeev Trika CEO
Jeff Broudy Executive Vice President Total Merchant Services
Ed Freedman President Total Merchant Services
Chris Hirth Strategy & Operations Total Merchant Services
Steve Hoofring CTO Total Merchant Services
Joe Kaplan CEO Total Merchant Services
Andy Varble National Sales Trainer Total Merchant Services
Michael Vaughn Executive Vice President Total Merchant Services
Todd Fuller VP Sales Total-Apps, Inc.
Mike DePinto VP Business Development Touchsuite
Gary Rutledge COO Touchsuite
Farshad Tafazzoli Chief Products Officer Touchsuite
Jeff White Touchsuite
Sam Zietz CEO Touchsuite
Josephine Rossi Editor Transaction Trends
Adam O’Hare Executive Vice President TRANSAX
Matthew Schwartz President TRANSAX
Amit Chhabra President TranSend
Terrence Crowley CEO TranSend
Rose Zwirn Director of Marketing TranSEND IT, Inc.
Brent Barg Director Relationship Management TransFirst LLC
Curtis Bauer VP, Operations TransFirst LLC
Stephen Cadden COO TransFirst LLC
Jay Christiansen Director of Product Development TransFirst LLC
Nancy Disman CFO TransFirst LLC
Dennis Hamilton National Sales Executive TransFirst LLC
Craig Page CIO TransFirst LLC
Michael Peters Senior Vice President, Commercial Services Business Development Services TransFirst LLC
Brooke Sacrider Director of Corporate Marketing TransFirst LLC
Alex Salem VP Compliance TransFirst LLC
Sharon Sikorski Director Product Development TransFirst LLC
Dustin Siner National Sales Executive TransFirst LLC
John Tata Vice President TransFirst LLC
Craig Tieken Vice President, Product and Integrations TransFirst LLC
Kathy Tuite SVP, Marketing TransFirst LLC
Justin Brown Vice President of Product TransNational Bankcard, LLC
Hans Doebel Director of Operations TransNational Bankcard, LLC
Bryan Olson Executive Vice President TransNational Bankcard, LLC
Emil Billman President Transpay, Inc.
Mitchell Billman CEO Transpay, Inc.
Kristy Razo Director of Operations Transpay, Inc.
Anthony Aker COO Tranzlogic
Hudson Chilton Founder Travel Notes
Mike Ackerman Triangle
Chad Patrick Triangle
Brian Phillips Triangle
Nathan Randel Managing Partner Trinity Merchant Group
William Brockway Managing Partner/Owner TriSource Solutions LLC
Deborah Brown Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer TriSource Solutions LLC
Tom Dunn President TriSource Solutions LLC
Henry Harp Managing Partner/Owner TriSource Solutions LLC
Thompson Morris President TriSource Solutions LLC
Danielle Sekelsky Vice President Tri-State Merchant Services
Clarisse Thoms Triton Systems
Hannah Dawn Partner – Executive Account Manager True Blue Processing
Anatoly Kvitnitsky Director, Corporate Development Trulioo
Alan Outlaw Trurating
Jennifer Cervantes Director of Account Management TrustCommerce
Andy Moorhead Director of Sales TrustCommerce
Joseph Patanella CEO Trusted Knight Corporation
Trevor Reschke CTO Trusted Knight Corporation
Anson Liang Founder TrustLeaf
Daniel Lieser Co-founder TrustLeaf
Sandeep Sinha Vice President, North America Trustonic
John Amaral Sr. VP Product Engineering Trustwave
Mike Bartlett EVP, Global Sales Trustwave
Don Bonfiglio Alliance Manager Trustwave
Jeremy Coram Alliance Manager Trustwave
Whitney Engle Marketing Specialist Trustwave
Dixie Fisher Product Marketing Manager Trustwave
Laura Levy Marketing Director Trustwave
Ted McKendall VP, Product Management Trustwave
Jill Rymarz Marketing Manager Trustwave
Derek Schultz Business Development Manager Trustwave
Matt Weber Alliance Manager Trustwave
James Zou Technical Product Manager Trustwave
George Kohut CTO TrxServices LLC D/B/A Transaction Services
David Leppek President TrxServices LLC D/B/A Transaction Services
Kathy Baker Director, Risk and Compliance TSYS
MaryGeneva Brackett Product Development Manager TSYS
Corrina Chow TSYS
Mike Cottrell Director, Sales & Marketing TSYS
Theresa Gongora Senior Director, Corporate Strategy and Planning TSYS
Charles Keenan TSYS
Craig Ludwig Senior Director, Corporate Strategy and Planning TSYS
Katherine McClure Associate Implementation Director TSYS
Timothy Munto Group Executive, Sales and Marketing TSYS
Beth Odom Product Director TSYS
Mark Pyke President TSYS
Lance Rich Director, Risk Management TSYS
Manning Smith Corporate Strategy and Planning Director TSYS
Victoria Strayer Senior Director, Risk and Compliance TSYS
Jason Williams Director, Sales TSYS
Dave Wood EVP, Operations Officer TSYS
Tom Boyer President TSYS Merchant Solutions
Christina Ziegler Product Director TSYS Merchant Solutions
Kathryn Haun Assistant United States Attorney, Organized Crime Strike Force U.S. Department of Justice
Andrew Row Uber
John Byun UBS Securities LLC
Albert Li UICUSA
Edwin Young Director of Product Management UICUSA
Sherif Samy Commercial Director UL Transaction Security
Bruce Ferguson EVP, National Business Development UMS Banking
Dylan Gaines Vice President of National Business Development UMS Banking
Chris Lake EVP Strategic Relationships UMS Banking
Maarten Bron Director of Innovations Underwriters Laboratories
Chet Andrews Unidos Financial Services
Jackel Sheng Product Marketing Uniform Industrial Corp.
Rezart Uruci Director of Business Development Uniform Industrial Corp.
Xin Jiang Senior manager UnionPay America
JenJen Song Senior Manager UnionPay America
Kevin Sullivan Senior Account Executive UnionPay America
Joe Venuti UnionPay America
Sihe Zhai Senior Account Executive UnionPay America
Paul Coppinger CEO Unipagos
Troy Bullock Owner Unique Web Development
Vinny Pappalardo Partner United Capital Source
Jared Weitz CEO United Capital Source
Terrence Brown Senior Sales Manager United Merchant Services, Inc.
Phillip Chavez Sr. Manager of Channel Sales United Merchant Services, Inc.
Leidy Diroche Sales Manager United Merchant Services, Inc.
Michelle Fallon Sales Manager United Merchant Services, Inc.
Jacob Hurst Relationship Manager/Assistant Manager United Merchant Services, Inc.
Doo Hoon Jeong Director of Sales United Merchant Services, Inc.
Victoria Jiang National Sales Manager United Merchant Services, Inc.
Charles Kim Assistant Director United Merchant Services, Inc.
Hwan Soo Kim Director of IT United Merchant Services, Inc.
Sean Kim QA Specialist United Merchant Services, Inc.
Chang Lee POS Support Manager United Merchant Services, Inc.
John Jay Lee CSO United Merchant Services, Inc.
Amaha Selassie Director of Partner Business United Merchant Services, Inc.
Jay Yoon CEO United Merchant Services, Inc.
Shirley Yoon COO United Merchant Services, Inc.
Tobias Overhoff Partner Universal Credit Trust GmbH
Steven Ding VP of Business Development Universal Processsing
Sophon Im Department Member University California of Davis
onesun chang VP & CFO ur bankcard processing inc
Fadi Cheikha CEO US Alliance Group, Inc, DBA ECS
Mark Davis Vp Of Sales US Alliance Group, Inc, DBA ECS
Cody Fields Account Executive US Alliance Group, Inc, DBA ECS
Matt Burkhart US Bank US Bank – Elavon
Sebastian Alongi VP of products US Merchant Systems
Salvatore Bruno National Sales Director US Merchant Systems
Rusty Fenn COO US Merchant Systems
Jeff Gardiner CFO US Merchant Systems
Carolyn Garibay Director of Operations US Merchant Systems
Chuck Kennedy Director of Sales Training US Merchant Systems
Casey Leloux CEO US Merchant Systems
Brad Lewis president of US Merchant Systems
Thomas Lineen president US Merchant Systems
Lenny Marmino Chief Sales Officer US Merchant Systems
Andy Nern VP of marketing US Merchant Systems
Stuart Rosenbaum CEO US Merchant Systems
Ron Sharan Install US Merchant Systems
David DeMedio CFO USA Technologies, Inc.
Corey Kremer Vice President, Business Development USA800, Inc
Peter Aghyarian Media & Marketing Director USAePay
Martin Drake EVP USAePay
Vlad Galyuz VP of Integration USAePay
Alex Goretsky Founder / CFO USAePay
Ben Goretsky CEO USAePay
Diana Maldonado Retailer Support & Sales USAePay
Angelina Martinez Reseller Manager USAePay
Jaredd Galloway Vice President – General Manager uSwipe, Inc.
Pedro Hernandez uSwipe, Inc.
Gary Grubbs v Promos
Lisa Hernandez v Promos
Doug Klotnia v Promos
Jeff Mankoff CEO v Promos
Nadine Anderson V12 Group
Jeff Berke Executive Vice President V12 Group
Paul Chachko Chairman and CEO V12 Group
Lauren Ferrante Marketing Specialist V12 Group
Michael Hall VP, Enterprise Development V12 Group
Melissa Leitch Launchpad Product Specialist V12 Group
Jessica Paviluk VP Marketing V12 Group
Kristjan Brooks Senior Business Relations Manager / Global Partnerships Valitor
Haukur Gislason Head of Business Relations / Global Partnerships Valitor
Jeff Hosterman Director of Relationship Development Value Payment Systems, LLC
Sarah Gerald Sr Operations Manager Valutec Card Solutions LLC (A FIS company)
Heather Guiley VP & GM, Valutec Card Solutions, Inc. Valutec Card Solutions LLC (A FIS company)
Richard Howell Vice President Sales Valutec Card Solutions LLC (A FIS company)
Anna Ladd Business Development & Sales Valutec Card Solutions LLC (A FIS company)
Lori McNeese Partner Support Valutec Card Solutions LLC (A FIS company)
Travis Shivers Product Manager Valutec Card Solutions LLC (A FIS company)
tim chalk director of engineering Vanco Payment Solutions
David Eschen VP Product Strategy Vanco Payment Solutions
Dustin Sparman Managing Partner Vantage Payments
Heidi Ablowitz Business Development Executive Vantiv
Kim Adams VP, Product Vantiv
Donald Boeding President, Merchant Services Vantiv
Scot Bryant VP, Software Engineer Vantiv
Scott Buckley VP, Portfolio Management Manager Vantiv
Andrew Ciafardini VP, Corporate Communications Vantiv
Randy Clark Head of Channel Marketing & Demand Generation Vantiv
Sean Donovan VP, PayFac Channel Vantiv
Matt Downs SVP & General Manager, Integrated Partners Vantiv
Richard Drake Vantiv
Larry Drury Vantiv
Pat Ford SVP, Strategic Client Relations Vantiv
Pamela Galligan VP, Compliance and Industry Relations Vantiv
Jon Genovese Director Regulatory Compliance Vantiv
Ken Hertzler Head of Product Marketing Vantiv
Robert Jablonski Vantiv
Darcy Klaus VP, Business Development Vantiv
Baird Kleinsmith VP, Business Development Vantiv
Jonathan Lee Vantiv
Karen Markey Sr PCI Program Manager Vantiv
John Meyer Vantiv
Daniela Mielke Chief Product & Strategy Officer Vantiv
Brendan Miller Sr. Product Marketing Manager Vantiv
Nick Nayfack Product Management: Mobile Vantiv
Lindsay O’Brien Trade Show Manager Vantiv
Matt Ozvat VP, Developer Integrations Vantiv
Andrea Rankin Director, Partner Management Vantiv
Lynn Rhoads SVP, Corporate Events Vantiv
Andre Rogers VP, Strategic Client Support Vantiv
Josh Roy VP Emerging Products and Technologies Vantiv
Doug Sammons Business Development Executive | PayFac™ & Integrated Partners Vantiv
Tauscha Shird Manager ISO Relationship Management Vantiv
Stephanie Shotwell Vice President, Business Development Vantiv
Menda Sims VP, ISO Experience Vantiv
Navneet Singh SVP, Product Strategy and Business Development Vantiv
Lori Stafford-Thomas Director of Public Relations Vantiv
Jake Sterling VP, Product Vantiv
Leandro Valdez Product Manager Vantiv
Chris Williams SVP ISO Business Unit Vantiv
Steve Wilson SVP, Merchant Sales & Strategy Vantiv
Bryan Wine VP, Business Development Vantiv
Gregg Wookey Vantiv
John Yarmy SVP, ISO Sales Vantiv
James Zerfas VP, Security and Risk Products Vantiv
Jill Miller Attorney Varnum, LLP
Jack Brandt Vice President of Business Development Veloxsites
Paul Engels CEO Veloxsites
Natasha Albright Business Development Coordinator/CA Venable LLP
Allyson Baker Partner Venable LLP
Ellen Berge Partner Venable LLP
Andrew Bigart Counsel Venable LLP
Emma Blaser Attorney Venable LLP
Michael Bresnick Partner Venable LLP
Michael Bresnick Partner Venable LLP
Leonard Gordon Partner Venable LLP
Julia Kernochan Tama Counsel Venable LLP
Jeff Knowles Partner Venable LLP
William Nordwind Partner Venable LLP
Mark Pryor Partner Venable LLP
Ari Rothman Venable LLP
Charles Wilkins Practice Development Manager Venable LLP
Ed Wilson Partner Venable LLP
Chris Connelly Vend New Zealand
Pierre-Emmanuel Perruchot de la Bussiere GM Product Partnerships & Add-ons Vend New Zealand
Brian Ascher Partner Venrock
Zac Ebrams Director of Business Development VeriCheck, Inc.
Ashok Shrestha Director of Technology VeriCheck, Inc.
Stephanie Guerro VP, Sales Verifi, Inc.
Rob Kite National Sales Director Verifi, Inc.
Richard Lynch SVP, Business Development Verifi, Inc.
Chris Marchand VP, Business Development Verifi, Inc.
Clinton Carey Verifone
Thomas Alich Sales Executive VeriFone, Inc.
Hitesh Anand VP, Commerce Enablement Applications VeriFone, Inc.
William Baldwin Sr. Strategic Account Rep VeriFone, Inc.
Erica Bass Director, Product Mamahement, Americas Vertical Solutions VeriFone, Inc.
Greg Berger Sales Executive VeriFone, Inc.
Beatriz Brun Perez Verifone, Inc.
Randall Burnette VP, Engineering VeriFone, Inc.
Robert Campbell Sales Executive VeriFone, Inc.
Richard Char SVP, Business Development VeriFone, Inc.
Tracy Cline Sales Manager VeriFone, Inc.
Michael Coan Product Manager VeriFone, Inc.
Beverly Cole Global Relationship Management VeriFone, Inc.
Vicky Conlee Sr Director-ISO Channel VeriFone, Inc.
Roger Cooper Director/Manager, Global Security Solutions VeriFone, Inc.
Vin D’Agostino EVP, Commerce Enablement VeriFone, Inc.
Drago Dzerve Sales Manager – Hospitality VeriFone, Inc.
Jacqueline Efron Public Relations VeriFone, Inc.
Viki Etheredge Sales Support Analyst VeriFone, Inc.
Shan Ethridge General Manager, Financial Solutions VeriFone, Inc.
Robert Ferguson Verifone, Inc.
Paul Galant Chief Executive Officer VeriFone, Inc.
Scott Goldstein Business Development Manager VeriFone, Inc.
Jen Gonzales Inside Sales Representative VeriFone, Inc.
Ross Gonzales Regional Product Manager VeriFone, Inc.
Jason Gross VP, Strategy & Marketing VeriFone, Inc.
Cristian Guzman Lencina Verifone, Inc.
Kim Harding Manager, Sales Engineer VeriFone, Inc.
Skip Hinshaw VP. Global Relationship Management VeriFone, Inc.
Marcus Hodge VP, Product Marketing VeriFone, Inc.
Leslie Klein VP, Global Head of Marketing & Customer Experience VeriFone, Inc.
Cristi Krisitis Global Solutions & Content Marketing VeriFone, Inc.
Barry Lackmann Global Product Manager Verifone, Inc.
Joe Mach SVP, Vertical Markets VeriFone, Inc.
Mark McKinney Sr. Account Executive VeriFone, Inc.
Robert McMillon Vice President, Product Security VeriFone, Inc.
Tim McWeeney Strategic Account Executive VeriFone, Inc.
Doug Mills Global Relationship Manager VeriFone, Inc.
Karen Mingle Sr. Strategic Account Rep VeriFone, Inc.
Monica Mitjans Manager North America Tradeshows & Events VeriFone, Inc.
Heather Mlachnik Executive Sales Representative VeriFone, Inc.
Linda Morganroth Sr. Executive Assistant VeriFone, Inc.
Dennis Mos General Manager, OEM Products Group VeriFone, Inc.
Regina Murray Marketing Specialist VeriFone, Inc.
Claudia Olvera Marketing Program Manager – Americas South VeriFone, Inc.
Nick Overmann Marketing Program Manager – Petroleum VeriFone, Inc.
Mansi Parikh Strategy and Global Business Development Associate VeriFone, Inc.
Michael Parker Director, Enterprise VeriFone, Inc.
Andy Payment Director, Communications & Media Relations VeriFone, Inc.
Kari Pikkarainen Director Developer Tools & Portal Verifone, Inc.
Catherine Randall Director, Strategy and Global Business Development VeriFone, Inc.
Doug Reed SVP, Treasurer & Investor Relations VeriFone, Inc.
Derek Rodriguez Verifone, Inc.
Marc Rothman EVP and CFO VeriFone, Inc.
Richard Scarber Director, Network Engineering Sales VeriFone, Inc.
Mark Shockley SVP, Mobile Solutions VeriFone, Inc.
Ravi Singhvi Director of Product Management, Mobile Point of Sale VeriFone, Inc.
Evan Sohn Sr. Director, Sales VeriFone, Inc.
Arcelia Stevens Sales Executive VeriFone, Inc.
James Surber Regional Head of Paas, North America VeriFone, Inc.
Ted Tekippe Product Manager VeriFone, Inc.
Jeff Toewe Consultant, Commerce Enablement Verifone, Inc.
Erik Vlugt VP, Global Products VeriFone, Inc.
Bhooshan Wabgaonkar Sr. Director, Business Operations Verifone, Inc.
Jeffrey Wakefield VP Sales Enablement & Business Development VeriFone, Inc.
Cheryl Wheeler Sales Director, Canada VeriFone, Inc.
Julius Winegar Director, Client Management VeriFone, Inc.
Seth Cohen Manager – Corporate Strategy Verizon
Indrani Deb Mgr-Prod Mgt/ Dev Verizon
Lon Loveless Director Verizon
Sarab Sokhey Director Verizon Wireless
William Appleyard CTO Verosa, LLC
Deryk Marien President Verosa, LLC
Todd Whiton President VersaPay Corporation
Aurora Cassidy Sales Executive Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR)
Ryan Shane VP of Business Development Vicinity Commerce
Andy Nguyen President Vietnamese Merchant Services
Roxanne Baumann Program Manager Visa Inc.
Sharon Culpepper Account Executive Visa Inc.
Peter Daly Head of U.S. Acquirer Sales Visa Inc.
Amy Dawson Senior Director Visa Inc.
Chris Dean Senior Director Visa Inc.
Tiffany Ferrai Senior Events Planner Visa Inc.
Thomas Fowler Senior Account Executive Visa Inc.
Sameer Govil SVP, Merchant Solutions Visa Inc.
Francine Grant Senior Director Visa Inc.
Brian Hamilton Senior Director Visa Inc.
Scott Howlett Senior Account Executive Visa Inc.
Aureliano Islas Risk Management Analyst Visa Inc.
Cindy Kohler Senior Director Visa Inc.
Oscar Munoz Business Leader Third Party Risk Visa Inc.
Casey Porter Director Visa Inc.
Nathalie Shami Briefing Center Specialist Visa Inc.
Chandra Srivastava Business Leader Visa Inc.
Keith Towne Director Visa Inc.
Michael Blanton Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Lloyd Cato Vice President Visa, Inc.
Michael Chall Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Marc Diamond Senior Recruiter Visa, Inc.
Stephanie Ericksen Vice President Visa, Inc.
Cihat Fitzgerald Program Manager Visa, Inc.
John Gilles Director Visa, Inc.
Michael Gorski Director Visa, Inc.
Juan Carlos Guillermety Senior Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Traci Hayes Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Tiamorya Ilori Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Younes Jabbara CyberSource Alliances Program Manager Visa, Inc.
Jacqueline Jason Senior Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Heather Jones Senior Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Darin Kettwig Senior Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Shahzad Khan Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Phil Kumnick SVP, Acquirer Processing Visa, Inc.
Mamie Lee Director Visa, Inc.
Ramon Martin Senior Vice President of Merchant Sales & Solution Visa, Inc.
Blake McCoy Senior Account Manager Visa, Inc.
Ryan McInerney President Visa, Inc.
Brad Patterson Senior Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Sarah Pew Sr. Director, Merchant Marketing Visa, Inc.
Carolina Puerto Director Visa, Inc.
Helen Resalvo Program Manager Visa, Inc.
Matt Robins Director Visa, Inc.
Paul Rogers Senior Account Executive Visa, Inc.
Jagdeep Sahota Sr. Director Visa, Inc.
Debjit Sarkar Vice President, Global Strategy Visa, Inc.
Eric Schindewolf Global Risk & Authentication Products Visa, Inc.
Tselmeg Shponko Risk Management Analyst Visa, Inc.
Vijay Sondhi Senior Vice President Visa, Inc.
Brennon Stewart Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Raj Thiagaraj Merchant Solutions – Solutions Management Visa, Inc.
John Tullis Global Mobile Product Visa, Inc.
Marleen van Kammen Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Jai Vaze Director Visa, Inc.
Ed Verdurmen Director Visa, Inc.
Valerie Vizena Director Visa, Inc.
Sally Winter Director Visa, Inc.
Susan Zloth Senior Director Visa, Inc.
Eric Hannelius President / CEO Vision Payment Solutions
Thomas Stone Chief Operating Officer Vision Payment Solutions
David Yates CEO Vocalink Ltd.
Neil Patel Director, Business Development Volusion
Ken Grogan Wakefern Food Corp.
Omar Green CEO Wallet.Ai
Michael Cook Sr. VP Finance & Assistant Treasurer Walmart
Mario de Armas Senior Director International Payments Walmart
Yulia Cherednikov Wavespot, Inc.
Sid Singh Founder & CEO Wavespot, Inc.
Tim Knowlton VP, Business Systems Architect Wells Fargo
ATLE ERLINGSSON Vice President, Communications Wells Fargo
Ted Kitada Senior Company Counsel Wells Fargo
Jill Ta Executive Vice President Wells Fargo
Veronica Flanagan Vice President Wells Fargo & Co
John Huber SVP Wells Fargo & Co
Jim Schnarr SVP Technology Wells Fargo & Co
Mark Allen Vice President Wells Fargo & Company
Robert Ash Eastern Regional Sales Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Mark Baumli EVP, Operations Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Neda Burapavong Product Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Lyndon Christensen Vice President, Operational Risk and Regulatory Compliance Mg Wells Fargo & Company
Charmaine Clay Senior Vice President Merchant Services Wells Fargo & Company
Deirdre Cohen Senior Vice President Wells Fargo & Company
Ann Cripps VP – Product Management Wells Fargo & Company
Robert Fialkowski Managing Director Wells Fargo & Company
Jennifer Fisher Product Manager VP Wells Fargo & Company
Stephen Gerson Managing Director Wells Fargo & Company
Steve Goldyak Product Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Tim Healy SVP Finance Wells Fargo & Company
Peg Heuer Chip Card Product Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Rachel Humberstone Sponsorship Channel Business Manager Wells Fargo & Company
John Kobuchi AVP, Store Technology Wells Fargo & Company
Chris Mandozzi VP Wells Fargo & Company
Steve Moss SVP, Western Division Sales Wells Fargo & Company
Marie Mui Senior Vice President/Regional Sales Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Laurence Poirier VP Product Management & Strategy Wells Fargo & Company
Kelly Reiter Vice President Wells Fargo & Company
Debra Rossi Executive Vice President Wells Fargo & Company
Matt Schrey Business Development Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Tracy Seng SVP Relationship Management Wells Fargo & Company
Terri Strickland Product Management Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Lolita Wang Product Management Wells Fargo & Company
John Widroe VP Product Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Tim Willi Managing Director Wells Fargo & Company
Ofer Yitzhaki Risk Management Manager Wells Fargo & Company
Rich Aberman Co-Counder and Chief Product Officer WePay
Kirby Drumm Sales Engineer WePay, Inc.
Bryan Harris Sales WePay, Inc.
Josh Hamrell CEO Western Capital Funding
Tim Buckley Director of Business Development Westfund
David Mars Partner White Owl Capital
CALVIN FRANK Executive in Residence White Rock Advisors
Paul Whittle Transaction Specialist Whittle Group, Inc
David Schachne Co-founder/EVP, Business Development Whodini, Inc.
John Sines CFO WibiData
Andy Abascal Wide Merchant Investment
Bryce Farrington Financial Services Wide Merchant Investment
Daniel Laszlo William Blair & Company
Phillip Olson William Blair & Company
Dan DeBraal Business Services Consultant Wind River, Inc.
Dennis Driver Client Care/Product Manager Wind River, Inc.
Grigory Kuznetsov EVP, Global Financial Services Wirecard Bank AG
Jonathan Cooper WireCash
Cory Capoccia President Womply
Luke Chapman Director of Partner Operations Womply
Kyle Jenke VP of Business Womply
Harish Natarajan Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Payment Systems Development Group World Bank Financial Corporation
Kerry Brecker Managing Director World Business Lenders, LLC
Wayne Bybee World Business Lenders, LLC
Ronald Phillips Director World Business Lenders, LLC
Leonard Steigman Vice President World Business Lenders, LLC
Doug Mouldin CEO World Gift Card
Ken Mouldin President World Gift Card
Christopher Reynolds World Pay
Kelly Collins Worldpay
Tim David Talent Acquisition Specialist Worldpay
Judy Desomma Worldpay
George Eubanks Worldpay
Steve Eyring Worldpay
Seth Hendricks Worldpay
Sherrie Holliday Channel Marketing Manager Worldpay
Hunter Menton VP Sales Worldpay
Max Narro President Worldpay
Gus Perez VP, Sales & Business Development Worldpay
Shawn Sinner Worldpay
Marc Solomon Business Development Director Worldpay
Brian Voigt Worldpay
Mark Bergner Director, Product Strategy Worldpay
Chris Catterton Mobile Commerce Consultant Worldpay
Matthew Cherry Account Executive Worldpay
Michael Cowart VP, ATM Division Worldpay
Bryan Derbyshire Account Executive Worldpay
Patrick Devlin Vice President Worldpay
Rafael DiCarlo Director Worldpay
Dereck Duong Senior MLS Worldpay
Greg Excell Account Executive Worldpay
Chris Francis VP, Market Development Worldpay
Mike Frank Senior VP, Head of National Sales Worldpay
Joel Fricke Manager Worldpay
Ryan Hicks Director of mPOS WorldPay
Kim Jennings Events Planning Specialist Worldpay
William Lee VP National Group Sales Manager Worldpay
Marco Mabante Director Product Strategy PCI-Solutions Worldpay
Lynda Merz Events Worldpay
Jason Metcalf Director, Business Development Worldpay
Anil Motwani Senior MLS Worldpay
Patti Newcomer Chief Marketing Officer Worldpay
Magda Ramos Director of Product Strategy Worldpay
Christopher Reynolds Worldpay
Chester Ritchie VP, Business Development & Partner Sales Worldpay
Susan Roe Business Development Director Worldpay
Nathan Serianni Account Executive Worldpay
Laura Siver Account Executive Worldpay
Ian Van Buskirk Director, Product Strategy Worldpay
Michelle Painter WV State Treasurer’s Office
Mark MacMahon X2X Community
Gary Valentine Managing Partner XCEL Payment Systems
Martin Pugh XCR
Jeff Lerner
Matt Golis CEO and Founder YapStone, Inc.
David Weiss VP, Corporate Development YapStone, Inc.
Lori Laub Yiftee Co-Founder Yiftee
Donna Novitsky CEO & Co-Founder Yiftee
Patrick Wood Zapper
Greg Borgman OEM Sales Zebra Technologies
Andrew Cornell Product Manager – OEM Zebra Technologies
Kathy Crumley Global Payment Solutions Zebra Technologies
Vanessa Lindsay Zebra Technologies
James Poulton Director, Product Solutions Zebra Technologies
Mike Ramputi Zebra Technologies
Garry Reichert NA VP OEM Zebra Technologies
Paul Valenti OEM Sales Zebra Technologies
Jeff Weissman Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Zebra Technologies
Bob Woodward Senior BDM – Mobile Payment Zebra Technologies
Peter Wu Payment Solutions Architect Zebra Technologies
Maurice Jeffery CEO Zenforce Capital
David Goldfarb Owner/Director Zenith Merchant Services
Eric Tavernier V.P Zenith Merchant Services
Diego Vazquez Pres Zenith Merchant Services
Robert Wilkins CEO Ziftr Pay
Stephen Goodrich CEO Zipline (NPCA)
Kevin Smith Executive Vice President Zipline (NPCA)
Jay Bhattacharia CEO Zipmark
Steve Basden Vice President ZipZap Processing, Inc.
Mike Nelligan ZirMed
Kris Searcy ZirMed Financial Services Manager ZirMed, Inc.
Randy Broadbent National Account Manager Zoot Enterprises
Alex Johnson Marketing Specialist Zoot Enterprises
Hartej Sawhney CEO Zuldi
Chirag Bakshi CEO Zumigo Inc.
Danny Mikhail CEO Zuza