• ETA Certified Payments Professional (ETA CPP™)

    Why it Matters

    By obtaining your payments processing solution from an ETA CPP, you can be sure that your representative is knowledgeable about the products and services s/he recommends and has the expertise to recommend the best and most appropriate solution for your business. Your ETA CPP has made a significant personal (and financial) commitment to his or her profession and has agreed to adhere to the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Code of Conduct.

    Purpose of the ETA CPP

    The ETA CPP program sets the standard for professional performance in the payments industry and is a symbol of excellence. It signifies that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex electronic payments environment.

    As a result of increasing governmental scrutiny and regulation, growing security and compliance requirements, and a host of emerging issues and trends, today’s payments professionals need to have a broad knowledge of the industry, the challenges and forces shaping its future. They must demonstrate mastery not only of sales, but of pricing and interchange; business process, operations and workflow; products and solutions; risk; and regulatory, compliance and security matters as well.

    With the ETA CPP designation, ETA codifies the significant increase in knowledge required of payments professionals on the job.

  • ETA CPP Registry

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