Historic Tax Reform Bill Is Signed Into Law

This morning, the President signed into law a historic reform of the U.S. tax code that will grow the economy, create jobs and make American companies more competitive here and abroad by lowering the corporate tax rate for ETA members and simplifying the tax system.

“We applaud Congress and the President for enacting this landmark tax reform legislation which will strengthen the economy by lowering the corporate tax rate, stimulating growth, creating jobs and making American companies more competitive here and abroad,” ETA CEO Jason Oxman said.

Tax reform was a top priority for ETA. ETA members played a direct role in making these critical changes to the tax code. ETA member company executives from across the payments technology ecosystem came to Washington, DC in September of 2017 as part of ETA’s Annual Executive Fly-In on Capitol Hill, meeting with members of Congress and staff to advocate for how the payments industry and America will benefit from comprehensive tax reform.

Every voice matters in our nation’s capital, and it is important that the voice of the payments industry is heard in 2018. ETA members, please register here for our 2018 ETA Executive Payments Fly-In on Capitol Hill on September 5th, 2018 to help make other pro-growth, pro-innovation and pro-payments ETA policy priorities a reality.