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About ETA

The Electronic Transactions Association is the leading trade association for the payments industry, representing over 500 companies worldwide involved in electronic transaction processing products and services. The purpose of ETA is to influence, monitor and shape the payments industry by providing leadership through education, advocacy and the exchange of information.

ETA’s membership spans the breadth of the payments industry to include independent sales organizations (ISOs), payments networks, financial institutions, transaction processors, mobile payments products and services, payments technologies, and software providers (ISV) and hardware suppliers.

A Brief History of ETA

The association began in 1990 as the Bankcard Services association, with fewer than 20 people from the industry gathering to develop one voice. In 1996, the group realized the need to broaden its scope of industry representation and changed its name to the Electronic Transactions Association. ETA is now an association with nearly 500 member companies in 30 countries.


ETA member companies touch, enrich and improve the lives of every consumer by making the global flow of commerce possible.


Being an ETA member firm ensures you a seat at the table where industry decisions are made. Now it’s up to you to lend your voice to the discussion.

ETA committees and councils are where payments industry innovators go to get their voice heard, hear directly from peers, affect change in the industry, and stay on top of important issues in payments today. ETA committees and councils offer focused communities where you can discover and develop new ideas in payments — from EMV to the latest in mobile and security best practices — your opinion matters. Collaborate with colleagues and volunteer for ETA councils today!


ETA is the platform where the global payments and technology ecosystem does business.

From the world’s largest payments trade show to the most widely read industry publications and online communities, ETA is the hub of payments. Hundreds of financial and technology companies and tens of thousands of industry executives all converge at ETA.

Your current and future customers and partners are all here – join in and transact with ETA to accelerate your business today!