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Logo & Name Use Policy

The ETA logo, ETA University logo, ETA SRP logo, ETA CPP logo and Transaction Trends logo are the property of the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA). Any reproduction, retransmission or republication is expressly prohibited, unless ETA has expressly granted its prior written consent. ETA will uphold to the fullest extent allowed all protection afforded by law and will vigorously pursue all unauthorized and improper use of its logos, name and likeness.

The names, trademarks and logos of ETA may not be used in any advertising, promotion or publicity, or otherwise to indicate ETA’s sponsorship of or affiliation with any product or service, without ETA’s prior express written permission. Conversely, the names, trademarks of ETA may not be used in any advertising, promotion or publicity so as to indicate affiliation with ETA or its programs.

A Brief History of ETA

The association began in 1990 as the Bankcard Services association, with fewer than 20 people from the industry gathering to develop one voice. In 1996, the group realized the need to broaden its scope of industry representation and changed its name to the Electronic Transactions Association. ETA is now an association with nearly 500 member companies in 30 countries.